Not really hate mail. But you get the idea.

Evolution is a very flawed theory and nothing more than that. It is nothing more than a reason(excuse!!!) for people to hold onto the notion that there is no great authority to answer to. I have news for you it takes more faith to believe that all taht existis today evolved from a puddle of ooze than it does to believe that we have a loving creater who sent his son to die for our many transgressions. Many many scientists of our and darwins day will admit that they will not let go of this theory because it would mean admiting that they have to let go of there own lustfull appitites and answer to a higher authority. Your site is a discrace. Repent.

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Why do they always come back to the "Puddle of ooze" thing?
Everyone knows it was a pool of water rich in the compounds that form amino acids that was struck by lightning.
Well, it really is the best explanation this side of Panspermia.
Everything there, science to back it up, and with no magic book that was just "Found" by a king, or however the story went.
If anybody gets the chance to watch a BBC documentary called "Cell", then i really recommend it. It does a much better job at explaining Abiogenesis than i do :S

Yeah, I run up against a funny fundie at a site I post on ( and some of the ideas she comes up with for explanations about creation are so "out there" I'm surprised sci-fi writers aren't banging at her door for plot ideas.

She loves thinking that all scientists believe we evolved from pond scum. She's willing to believe some animal evolution has happened since god made the earth but humans are as humans have always been. No evolution happening to homo sapiens! None at all!

Even better - she thinks god probably created a "mature" earth which means all our carbon dating attempts are totally wrong. And today I read another comment by her that suggested God took an already existing planet filled with life and terraformed it for human life, which is how all those fossils happened. All part of the process. And it's possible because Genesis doesn't strictly say that didn't happen while the earth was in the void...
I always ask the people who claim that God created the earth with the appearance of age why their God would deliberately deceive people. Isn't that supposed to be the other side's deal?


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