Not really hate mail. But you get the idea.

Evolution is a very flawed theory and nothing more than that. It is nothing more than a reason(excuse!!!) for people to hold onto the notion that there is no great authority to answer to. I have news for you it takes more faith to believe that all taht existis today evolved from a puddle of ooze than it does to believe that we have a loving creater who sent his son to die for our many transgressions. Many many scientists of our and darwins day will admit that they will not let go of this theory because it would mean admiting that they have to let go of there own lustfull appitites and answer to a higher authority. Your site is a discrace. Repent.

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It's discraceful taht the flawed theory of evolution existis, with an appitite for akurit nawlidge I'll not stand for it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Christianity is the most masochistic mainstream religion today.
So, it takes little faith to believe in magic, but much faith to believe in science. With science, i can duplicate experiments, observe phenomena, and sense the reality of my experience. With faith, I just gotta accept magic. Believing a supernatural being just spoke the universe into being makes so much more sense than the universe as always existed in one form or another. The universe couldn't possibly have always existed, only God can do that!
I can't help but wonder where was god, before he created space, and how long was he there before he created time? And why in the hell did he wait so long to create the universe? What was he doing for that eternity before he created stuff, what took him so long to think of it? Maybe he created other universes before this one, and when he tired of them (after myriads of millennia one does tend to get bored) just wiped them out and started a new one. Why not, I can believe that!
So, it takes little faith to believe in magic, but much faith to believe in science.

I'd just like to point out to any Christian reading this that all "magic" (including "miracles") is just science that we don't yet know about. The bible is full of magic that was later explained by science and is, thus, not magic anymore. Any magic still remaining in the world today will one day be explained by science and no longer be classified as magic. We call things magic when we don't understand them and the word "miracle" is just a synonym for magic; including the miracle of Creation.
Repent! Repent you bastard!
Fantastic summary of the entire Christian theist / creationist counterargument. The author must be commended for having so much clarity about all his/her muddled philosophy.
I think this site Rocks! Apologize!
Evolution is a fact. Don't believe me... ask your children. :-P
Your site is a discrace

A disc race? Sounds like fun!
I read disRace.
I just wonder how I'm supposed to change THAT one. They've raised the bar on outrageous demands!
Wow... :P

What have we been doing? If only we threw off the shackles of the ancient and outdated theory of evolution... we're so blind... we've been so wrapped up in ourselves for the last few thousands of years to realise that there's a big sky-daddy up there tutting at us at this very moment for believing ourselves normal and natural creatures, rather than the magical super beasts created from pure uber that we are.

It so much easier to believe in something that answers all the questions of life with one single word, "God", why not just stop thinking altogether and just accept that? It's far simpler.


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