Not really hate mail. But you get the idea.

Evolution is a very flawed theory and nothing more than that. It is nothing more than a reason(excuse!!!) for people to hold onto the notion that there is no great authority to answer to. I have news for you it takes more faith to believe that all taht existis today evolved from a puddle of ooze than it does to believe that we have a loving creater who sent his son to die for our many transgressions. Many many scientists of our and darwins day will admit that they will not let go of this theory because it would mean admiting that they have to let go of there own lustfull appitites and answer to a higher authority. Your site is a discrace. Repent.

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LOL. Just Funny :-)

I want to know where this person got their information about the scientists not giving up evolution because they are scared to.
Ah, can't you just smell the ignorance? Evolution has facts and evidence backing it up. The religions.... not so much. So who's the one blindly holding on to beliefs because they don't want to be wrong?
Would it matter if science did not even exist? I wouldn't accept the treatment or the orders of the God of the Bible based on the lack of respect and hate. The premise of the argument the writer makes is that we only don't believe in God because we have a scientific excuse. Science makes no difference in my acceptance of the Biblical God. I respect myself too much to follow a serial/mass murderer.
Quite so, Nelson. Acknowledging the existence of a god (assuming convincing evidence was presented) and deciding that that god is worthy of worship are two totally different things. The god described in the Bible is such that I would consider it a moral imperative to oppose him, if he existed.
I hereby repent. Phew, I feel better. Now that I don't believe in god and don't want to be lusty, I don't know what to do. Anyone want to have pizza?
I can't re-pent, I haven't pent in the first place.
Ok this thread is a old and cold but I had to respond. I was checking links to my website when I came across this thread. I wrote the page cited by doone: The mention seems to be in response to the puddle of ooze comment in the original post.

My article was in response to a couple episodes of the Universe which I happen to enjoy but which sometimes contains bad science or just bad editing. The information about the moon, tides, and the primordial soup comes straight from the show. The interpretation of the information is mine.

I have no intention of debating my faith or your atheism on this site. Sorry I won't be much fun in that regard. I used to post on Creation/Evolution boards so I know how it goes. My point in writing is to ask that everyone be careful when quoting others that you aren't misquoting them or taking them out of context. You know how you hate it when the young earth creationists do it, so please extend the courtesy in reverse.

As for the original post - I doubt seriously they have ever read my page. Whilst the atheist will see creationist written all over it, in general the creationist sees evolution. My real position is, yes I believe in a Creator. Yes I accept evolution explains a lot of the fossil record. Does it explain it all? I am not totally convinced but it doesn't matter to me as it does not affect my faith.

My God is not a god of the gaps. I am wondering did you actually read my page or just scan it for talking points? Respectfully, all the gaps will never be closed (what would be the fun in that?) at least not verifiably. You can simulate and explain all day long that is not the same as repeatable proof. What happens to religion is a lot of the dogma may have to change. It has in the past. It will in the future. It evolves and that is a good thing. Same with science. I used to believe as you - changed my mind.

You can simulate and explain all day long that is not the same as repeatable proof.

Then I suppose you would not accept a bloodstain pattern analysis by a qualified forensic expert in a murder trial? After all, it can not be repeated.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze!
I would leave ad hominem attacks for the sole perusal of theists.


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