I can honestly say I haven't heard this one before. I have heard its total BS, that it's the work of the devil, that it is wrong to varying degrees, that it's God's will and other things but never that it was a religion. I have even heard atheism is a religion many times. I am honestly at a loss as how to begin responding to this. Here is the post I stumbled across. I am not going to bother replying to this one but I would love to hear some ideas about how to respond to this in the future.

I have some ideas already such but would love to hear from someone who has encountered and debated this already.


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That is the work of Micheal Ruse. Quite a character. See also comment on atheism.about.com

The thing about evolution theory is that it is an attempt to fit an explanation for the origin of species into an overall scientific view of the world. Religion has a magical view of the world. Now, evolutionary theory isn't fully developed and some questions remain (we can see how the horse developed step-by-step, ditto to some extent for man, but what about the cow, to take one example?). Even so, evolutionary theory tries to fit the origin of species into a rational view of the world, no magic allowed.

Is there some reason to why you chose cows as an example? I gather that it is not relevant to your point about questions remaining, I agree, but I am not aware that cows were extra mysterious.

I think someone mentioned to me once that while there is that chart showing the evolution of the early horse-like creatures to the modern horse, there is no similar chart for the contemporary beef or dairy cow. I've looked and haven't found one, so as far as I know cows evolved rather suddenly, which in evolutionary terms can be hundreds of thousands of years.

Thanks, that's interesting. I wasn't aware of that at all. I already found some articles on genetic studies corroborating your view. The genome of a Hereford cow has been sequenced (2009) and it seems we're more closely related to cows than to our favorite lab animal.

I have to retract that conclusion about us being more closely related to cows than to mice. Our genes are more similar to cows than to mice, but that doesn't imply the conclusion I took for granted. One learns with each mistake...

Right on Bob! Can I have the goat meat afterward? I love it in gyro's!

cool, I'll take the virgins.

What?  They're good in gyros too.

I replied with the following:

It's easy enough to demonstrate that evolution is not a religion simply by comparing the typical characteristics of religions and showing that evolution has none of them. Can I ask you to specify exactly (characteristic by comparable religious characteristic) in what way evolution is a religion then I/we can deal with it directly?

What's the betting it won't get approved or it will be deleted?


Well my last appeared to be wrong ... I shall humbly abase myself before the god of evolution (if someone can tell me who it is), LOL.


Duh, it's Darwin! Didn't you get the memo? Upon his death, he was taken up into heaven by a flock of finches where he rules over all the atheists & evolutionists that worship Him.

   Below is an exact copy of a response I just posted on  the "Just Passing Thru" website:

   Hogwash! Evolution is a scientific discipline. It is no different from the gravitational theory; the germ theory, the heliocentric theory, the electromagnetic theory; the heliocentric theory; quantum theory, the light propagation theory, etc. The only difference is that the theory of evolution supplies, by many orders of magnitude, more actual, solid, empirical evidence than any of them. Evolution HAPPENED; has ALWAYS happened, IS happening, and WILL always happen. Why? Because life, in all its variety, could not exist without it.

The Theory of Evolution offers mountains of virtually irrefutable evidence, including, among others, that diseases evolve resistance to antibiotics. Around 1935, evolutionary biologists unanimously predicted that bacteria would evolve resistance. No pastor, priest, rabbi, imam, or holy book predicted it; and it wasn’t foretold in the Bible. That alone leads me to put more trust in science than blind faith in the ignorant ramblings of bronze age sheepherders or modern day charlatans who pass the plate on Sundays.
Religion? I can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch anything that could remotely be called a god. There is ZERO evidence for any kind of god.
   I don’t have faith in Charles Darwin. He was wrong about a lot of things. Faith in God, conversely, is that He is wrong about nothing. He can’t be wrong about anything. That is true faith – blind faith.
If there is such a thing as “faith” in evolution, it is better termed “trust” – trust that, based on myriad observable phenomena as presented by a variety of sciences, including biology, paleontology, geology, archeology, immunology, bacteriology, and, most recently, genetics, that one’s best odds for making rational, efficacious decisions in life is through a reliance on (a trust in) science. Religion is based on NOTHING BUT FAITH! Faith in what? That you will live forever, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, of course. What does God look like, sound like, smell like, taste like, or feel like? Conceptions of God, although they are multifarious, tend to be highly anthropocentric – the magic man in the sky, who is usually white, male, bearded, white-robed, and avuncular. Hey, show Him to me and I’ll believe. 


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