I know it's rare (!) but every so often you'll find someone who accepts evolution, but who is also a Christian. What I've found is it's better to skip straight to two questions when debating them.

What was the point of Jesus' sacrifice?
Why is there suffering in the world?

Now, no matter how much they try to duck and dive and twist scriptures, they can be shown that the two are not compatible. It's worse than them having to take Genesis as one big metaphor (or mistake, as I like to say). It really destroys the basic foundations of that religion, in a way which effects all Christian sects I've come across.

To show you what I mean, here's two debates I've had on the subject. I didn't have to use all the arguments I have on this (I have a master copy 'essay' I tweak sometimes) , but so far it looks like I have it covered.

I would recommend taking this approach if you think they may be open to reason, or if people reading along may be. It saves a lot of bother going over other reasons why it's unlikely this god exists. This way disproves the existence of the god written about in the Bible in a clearer way.

In this one, it's mostly between Matthew, who comes in at post 8, and myself - Chris J - from post 23 on. I talk to a couple of others there, but he puts more into it.


This is the latest one. Between Micheal Erickson and myself - Chris J again, funnily enough.


I'm still waiting for responses on both of them. Ah well.

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But you CAN believe Jesus died for us but think the bible is metaphorical. LOTS of people think that. Seriously. They don't believe in creationism and they still believe in the bible...
Lots of people are holding incompatible beliefs without realising it. If you think they're not incompatible, answer the two questions.
Well the two questions are:

What was the point of Jesus' sacrifice?
Why is there suffering in the world?

I don't see what evolution or creationism have to do with either. I'm sorry. I just don't. What's the point of Jesus sacrifice? I never understood it, still don't quite get the logic behind it. Why is there suffering in the world - people usually get out of that with the humans are flawed/free will argument, right? I just don't see why they are compatible with creationism but not evolution. Sorry I'm just not understanding.
Okay, well if evolution is true, we've not inherited any original sin, the supposed Christian reason for Jesus' sacrifice.
It also means suffering has nothing to do with humans if it existed for millions of years before humans arrived.
Okay I'll read that at some point soon. Thanks.


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