I could feel my cheeks burning and the temperature rising as I read this statement by a bunch of republican right wingers...


And the billboard only makes it worse.


Okay... I will link the site... but here's the statement of revelance and I URGE you to contact these idiots if you can!


It’s a good feeling watching the LORDs work being done, and nothing could be finer than watching this billboard being put up in the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – a town like many others in America, except that their Christian citizens have decided to take a stand against the evil Atheists who hate America.


Naturally, as soon as the ad was errected it attracted the hostile attention of at least one anti-God campaigner. Please take a moment to read their hateful comments. Those atheists will do anything to take God out of America. I think we should be proud of what we have all achieved.




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The woman who runs this blog's name is "Shelley." So I took the opportunity to tell her EXACTLY what God thinks of women. Unfortunately... it appears comments are moderated, and since I put some considerable effort into my response I will post it here... since she'll likely delete it.
Excuse me Ms. Shelley,
As an atheist I am appalled that you are delighted in the persecution of the one thing that can liberate women AND humanity…. the truth. Atheism is not a “religion.” We do not attend worship services or hold prayers. We have different viewpoints. The only thing we hold in common is that NONE of us believe in God. As a woman atheist I realize that freedom from the gynophobic religions of monotheism, particularly christianity and islam is the ONLY way for a woman to be free and value herself as a human being. The bible puts a monetary value on us as women, which is half that of men. [don’t believe me check Leviticus 27: 1-7
The Bible also demands that a woman who is raped and doesn’t scream loud enough to be heard will be put to death by stoning… Deuteronomy 22: 23 – 24
If you get RAPED as a virgin… then you must marry your rapist! GOD COMMANDS IT!!
Deuteronomy 22: 28-29


Freedom can only come from escape. One of the things that led me to conclude that there is no god is that the bible is SO sexist that it was obviously written by men in a time when women were considered worth as little as or less than livestock.
It's a shame such an eloquent, well-reasoned response will never see the light of day over at that site, nor will the vast majority of women who get as far as that hysterical, hateful viewpoint ever be 'saved' from their own abysmal self-worth.

I've had some recent conversations with an apologist who was trying to justify the atrocities in the bible, and the blinding, unconditional acceptance was gut-wrenching. I asked him point blank if he would join a group of fellow xtians who were stoning a woman to death because her husband had accused her of adultery -- note I said *accused*, not that she had committed adultery (not sure he picked up on that) but his response was something along the line of "so, you will not accept his justice?"

That's how bad it is, really.
very nicely put.
While this definetly is sick and I am not disagreeing because I am agreeing, one thing that my last youth minister always emphasized on was new testament vs old testament. "Out with the Old in with The New". So I guess in a way the old testament isn't valid? But all the same if this ever was God's law, then this isn't a god i want tp honor.
Actually, it's a common misconception that the New Testament invalidates the Old Testament according to Christian faith. In fact, Christ himself makes many references to the Old Testament as the word of God and even says in Matthew 5:18, "Until Heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the law, until all is accomplished" in reference to the Old Testament. If a Christian is following their own faith, then Christ's attitude towards Old Testament doctrine is 'correct' and there is no other way to take it except as "law."

The fact that many of the teachings in the New Testament seem to directly contradict bits of the Old Testament is another conversation entirely.
Yes, except that Jesus is made in the Gospels to violate OT dietary restrictions and prohibitions against doing certain activities on the Sabbath, and Paul quite strenuously argues against gentile Xians having to follow OT Jewish law (he hedges on whether Jewish Xians should). The authors of the NT disagreed with each other vehemently on this point (Paul even said that Xian advocates of circumcision should castrate themselves), with James, Matthew, and possibly the author of Revelations in opposition to Paul, which is why a Xian can always find something in there to support a point of view on this topic, regardless of what is is.
Wow. I mean...wow. That's so...yeah, I'm really pissed off about this so I'll be back to make a real comment later.
That makes more sense - you would think this would be big news were it real.
Oh that does make sense. Wow she fooled me! That particular blog post seemed very convincing. Hmmm... should I take this discussion down?
My only reply to this woman is OMG!! o.O
What does it say about reality when one struggles to make a satire of it?
No joke, sir. :/


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