I could feel my cheeks burning and the temperature rising as I read this statement by a bunch of republican right wingers...


And the billboard only makes it worse.


Okay... I will link the site... but here's the statement of revelance and I URGE you to contact these idiots if you can!


It’s a good feeling watching the LORDs work being done, and nothing could be finer than watching this billboard being put up in the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – a town like many others in America, except that their Christian citizens have decided to take a stand against the evil Atheists who hate America.


Naturally, as soon as the ad was errected it attracted the hostile attention of at least one anti-God campaigner. Please take a moment to read their hateful comments. Those atheists will do anything to take God out of America. I think we should be proud of what we have all achieved.




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Left a comment. These are the people I hope are naturally selected out...
I'm an atheist who is very fond of America. I'd just like it a lot more if it wasn't overrun by believers in a medieval superstition.
I think a lot of you here will agree with me. Being an atheist is about as American as it gets. Like our forefathers, we take a stand against injustice in a world were we are a minority.

Our forefathers left their home countries because of the same things that we are facing today.
We ARE the most patriotic because we believe in our bill of rights! freedom of religion does not only mean you are free to follow whatever religion you want...it supports a lack of belief as well. The people who argue this are completely ignorant. if we were followers of any religion..they would be fine with it. but because we do not have a religion at all, they judge us for it. What about religions that are completely against Christianity? going by their logic, that would be ok because hell...at least we believe in something!

I am also sick and tired of the argument that our founding fathers wanted this country to be a christian nation. That is historically inaccurate. Anyone who says this is just ignorant to the facts. Our founding fathers did have a religion..but most of them were Deists. That means that they were not christian..they just beleived in a higher being. There were those that were atheists, and there were those who were Christian. You certainly cannot however say that America was founded as a christian nation. Especially when the majority of our founders were not even Cristian!

I for one am tired of the prejudice and intolerance.
That's pretty much the facts there.
Many religious people seem to be under the misconception that atheists, as a group, hate them. The truth is that most of us, beyond not wanting religion shoved in our faces at every turn, really are not emotionally invested enough to muster a feeling that even remotely resembles hatred. I will concede that there are atheists who have very strong negative feelings towards religion and religious people, but overall, I see much more negativity and nastiness coming from the religious front.

Mostly, I'm just annoyed by this sort of thing. I don't hate people of faith, and I don't hate America. I am, however, incredibly annoyed when I have religion rubbed in my face on a daily basis. I am even more annoyed when I'm expected to deal with it because "We are a Christian nation!" No, we're a nation that is predominantly Christian, we are not a Christian nation.

I am still stunned by the venom of the attacks given to us by the hissing and spitting serpants among the people who claim to be of faiths of tolerance and love.
Interesting that Fox News didn't spend 15 minute condemning this sign like they do whenever a pro-atheist sign goes up.
You can't fight them.  They don't play by the rules.  They lie for Jesus, they cheat.  They have their eyes and ears closed to the truth and any time you say anything that remotely challenges their tiny ability to think critically, they sidetrack you and pull you down another path.  Just watch one segment with Bill Orielly and Richard Dawkins and you see that.  When Orielly is challenged and cannot find a rebuttal, he makes a joke and changes the subject.  Its the same mentality.  They will die before they give up the brainwashing.


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