I could feel my cheeks burning and the temperature rising as I read this statement by a bunch of republican right wingers...


And the billboard only makes it worse.


Okay... I will link the site... but here's the statement of revelance and I URGE you to contact these idiots if you can!


It’s a good feeling watching the LORDs work being done, and nothing could be finer than watching this billboard being put up in the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – a town like many others in America, except that their Christian citizens have decided to take a stand against the evil Atheists who hate America.


Naturally, as soon as the ad was errected it attracted the hostile attention of at least one anti-God campaigner. Please take a moment to read their hateful comments. Those atheists will do anything to take God out of America. I think we should be proud of what we have all achieved.




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Well there are also suspicions that this
isn't a satire site:

"Don’t belive these people who say it’s a satire… I’ve been doing some research too and Shelley is on all kind of serious Republican web rings.

She even has a GOP site: http://shelley.gop.com/ and appears to be on the Republican National Committee: http://www.gop.com/Blog/BlogProfile.aspx?nickname=shelley

Just because her opinions are unpalatable, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. And just because they get facts wrong that doesn’t mean they aren’t in earnest. i mean, look at George Bush. When has he ever got his research right, but we take him serious enough."
source: http://duncan.mac-vicar.com/blog/archives/77
Son of a... I know exactly where that it. My wife lived in Chambersburg before we got married. There was a FFRF billboard in Chambersburg that simply said "Imagine no religion". Of course the sheep all thought that was horribly offensive. Seems freedom of speech is a one way street to them, plus they seems they are always looking to be offended. This billboard is nothing short of propaganda and highlights the ignorance of fundies.

Simply sickening.
John Lennon haters!

Just took a look at that site an the wackadoodles actually have a 'God's Hitlist' page where they boast about people dieing... Also, other crazy lists of 'evil' things. *facepalm*
Yeah... gth George H. Dooshbag!
why do theists hate atheists? .... LOL
Because we represent the doubt inside themselves so theiy're afraid of us. Ooooh! Scary Atheists! LOL
more like Evil Christians who hate the rest of the world except America.
HA HA HA So true!
Atheists put America before a God. Our freedom, the very principle that this great nation was founded on is greater then any god!
"Teabagger!" roflmfao! I'm totally going to start calling them that!


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