While at the pool last night, I was sitting around with a group of people, I wouldn't call them friends, but the discussion of my atheism came up in a round about way and I could tell people were uncomfortable. One person made a comment about relating atheism to satanism which I'm sure is a common misconception, although one that the religious would love to have everyone believe. However the comment that got me going was when someone said "everyone has to believe in something", at which point I said, well sure and I believe in human beings. The conversation pretty much ended after that. I'm sure that left the person unsatisfied and I wanted to go further but didn't. So I was hoping for some suggestions or comments how to address the comment.


How would you handle that remark? What would be your answer to this? I would love to hear thoughts.

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 I have come under fire many times in conversations and this question most always some how works it's way in, sometimes not in the form of a question ("Well what do you believe in then?") at all but perhaps the most hurtful way it appears is in a statement ("I feel so sorry for you, everyone deserves to believe in something", "That is so sad that you don't have anything to believe in") and my reply is always the same. 

  First of all, I have beautiful people in my life who I love and cherish with all of my heart, I have a house which I purchased with my own money at 24 years old that isn't some clunker, I have a relationship that makes me happier than I have ever been, I have animals which are my companions that I had the joy of rescuing from shelters, I have a wonderful job which I love, the list goes on. I guess I could say that I believe in myself, I believe in the power of nature, I believe in my family and friends, I believe in love, I believe in so many things that I don't believe myself to be unfortunate at all, quite the opposite really, I am really lucky to know that I have all of these real and tangible things in my life to believe in :) 


 Don't let others bring you down or bring down the confidence in yourself, stay strong! 


Great post, Heather.You have a good life going for you.   It's the only one we get.
"An honest god is the noblest work of man."     Robert Green Ingersoll

I would Have Said...


" I do believe in something Myself!  I'm the one that gives me the strength to be the person I am every day. I'm the one that made my success, I'm the one that has helped others, I'm the one that dug myself outa the hole i was in.  I give myself all the credit, Not Some fictional being (Jesus/god)"


Lol, Well... ummm ok?? 


I was just saying, people feel like they need something to believe in, something to pray to in hopes it will help them achieve what they think they cant do on their own. 


I think that's bullshit, how you gunna give someone all the credit you worked so hard yourself to achieve..


You might have not achieved at everything you tried, but at least you tried, and know the failure is all your own.  


Your not going around saying you failed because GOD HATES YOU.

Brandon, If there WAS a god, he'd probably hate me just because I don't believe in him


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