Do atheists generally believe euthanasia is a good idea? Is it a religious concept to let God decide who lives or dies, while making the healthcare system do everything possible to keep someone alive- astounding hypocrisy in my view...
When and where do you think it's a good thing to do? Eg. Could we open beds in nursing homes once patients have gone catatonic? My mother, a baby boomer, feels this is an inevitability with our rapidly aging population. I'm not so sure, seeing the give it your all methods used even in palliative care sometimes.

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I don't believe assisted suicide (or even suicide) should be prevented or should be a crime.

If you don't own yourself and your life, what greater property can the government confiscate?

Here's a quick, brutal, answer: better to die humanely in a hospital than splattered across the road or train line. My reasoning is as follows:

  • Cheaper cleanup
  • more humane
  • patient doesn't need to move
  • less psychological trauma for all involved (don't forget family, friends, train driver, etc)

The only downside I can see to euthenasia is if it is inflicted upon unwilling patients as a means of legal murder.

My main problem with suicide is the aftermath. I wish more suicides would think about the problems they leave behind as well as, as you mentioned, the cleanup following certain ways of offing oneself.

I think if I were to do it I'd use the old many pills + a lot of Wild Turkey approach. I'd send a delayed message meant to arrive a few hours after my death. I wouldn't want to inflict any foul odors on those who come to see if I meant it.

I always thought that'd be potentially very painful. I figured I'd do it Hemingway style, but I guess that is inconsiderate. I know some people who have hung themselves, and that seems to work out pretty well, but again that seems like there could be potentially painful complications-- like what if it didn't work, and I just lost certain functions or something? Short of gaining access to an updated version of Kevorkian's thanatron, I still think messy gunshot is the way to go.

These people (aside from Kevorkian) were the first I heard were doing it.
- Good info toward the bottom

No, it's like dying of a morphine overdose. You pass out and at some point you stop breathing. Where would the pain come in?

For some reason I instinctively imagine stomach pain. What are the specifics? Pill-wise.

Probably twenty hydrocodones (Vicodin) would do it on their own, but chugging a half bottle of 80 proof bourbon, vodka, or whatever would make sure.

I'm not an expert, but I doubt you'd be conscious long enough to wish any tummy pain would go away. One thing: if you're worried about tummy pain, don't go the aspirin route. It takes a LOT of aspirin to kill a person, but barbiturates will definitely do the trick with a much smaller number of pills.

That was my concern. Intestinal tearing and what-have-you. Barbiturates, hydrocodones, and 80 proof. Sounds solid. Easier to get than a gun, makes less of a mess (more considerate)... just have to make sure I don't soil myself.

Dealing with soiled underwear, despite the stink, beats scraping your brains off the ceiling with a razor blade and empty tin can.

I'll still try to empty my bowls first just in case. For pride's sake. I mean I know I'll be non-existent, but I don't currently like the idea of my loved ones thinking I hadn't developed a contingency for "poo-pants". This might be a moot point, as by the time I'm old enough to consider this assisted suicide may be more common (hoping that's not wishful thinking).



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