I have some pretty strong feelings about eugenics (it's a good and necessary practice), but I find it very, VERY difficult to talk about it with anyone since I'm instantly labeled a Nazi for supporting it. I'm hoping the folks on Think Atheist will be more inclined to intellectual discussion than name-calling and dismissal.


The start off, some disclaimers: genocide is wrong; taking human rights away from people of a race/religion/hairstyle you don't like is wrong; concentration camps are wrong; violence in wrong.


There. Now to the actual discussion.


When I talk about eugenics, I'm talking about the practice of systematically removing debilitating genetic traits and defects from a population by means of regulating the reproduction of its citizens. Do you have Schizophrenia? Did you know that this ailment is genetic and very easy to pass on to you children? Please, do not punish an innocent child with this problem. Are you genetically healthy, intelligent, and talented? Do you have special immunities that make you less likely to get sick? By all means, spread these traits to future generations, either by having children yourself or donating to a sperm or egg bank. Do you want children but should not carry your genetic problems onto them? Adopt. Adoption will always be available no matter what the society (just because someone has good genetic material does NOT mean they would make a good parent). Do you say that adoption is not the same? Then I suppose you care more about satisfying your selfish desires than the well being of a child.


Eugenics is, at its base, very simple - think about the future first.

I'm leaving this post now for what I'm hoping will be thoughtful and anti-inflammatory discussion.

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Really H3xx... if you find me too depressing for your poor wee brain, just stop reading me... of F off. Your personal attacks are miserable and cowardly.

You're calling for the VOLUNTARY extinction of the human race. That's akin to putting out an ad in the paper claiming to be a cannibal and asking for volunteers that are willing to let you eat them. Its disturbing and very sad.

I'm not sinking to any level, I'm giving you my personal opinion as a professional human being.

Really, no point? I suppose all that space is just there to make a pretty sky and cause primitive people to be superstitious. It's all big coincidence, like running into your ex-girlfriend at the supermarket. That's it. Never mind the four fundamental forces, color confinement, nuclear transmutation, the Tau neutron, the fourth dimension, the Z-vector, the gauge redundancies, the 32 quadrillion vibrations, the quantum superposition, and all the coordinate transformation and planar transformation equations embedded in the those redundant gauges. Have a look at particle physics. It's nothing but a conversion system from 4 dimensions to 3. And we see reality projected by Tau, meanwhile it vibrates in 31,999,999,999,999 other places. Oops, just a coincidence a world got formed with a vastly complex and unfolding, interrelated system of forces and periodic elements. Could have been nothing but it accidentally was that.

I don't believe in organized religion but if you study particle physics enough you see there is much more than meets the eye.  

Call it anything you want. A computer program. Aliens playing sim planet. But calling it nothing is just obtuse.

You don't show any genuine understanding of the terms you are tossing around here - and this is emphasized by the fact that you made some up (or mangled some). Please, stop talking about quantum physics until you have a better understanding of it.

As for there being a "point" - nope. For there to be a "point" there would need to be some being who made the point. Still no evidence of such a being. So no intrinsic point to it all.

But that doesn't mean we can't determine what we think the point of our lives to be.

But that doesn't mean we can't determine what we think the point of our lives to be.

Excellent point! And, I agree.

Millions of generations of ancestors were required as to make you, the probability of which happening are virtually non-existent ex ante. I think you owe their collective struggle at least a bit of respect. If not that, then perhaps the majority that didn't make it deserve it. 

Which ancestors, the ones who exterminated the native people that were in the Americas before Europeans invaded?

The ancestors that clear cut forests?

The ancestors who beat their wives?

Ancestors are dead, let them be.

Learn from the past, and you won't repeat it.

It comes as little surprise that you appear to come from a long line of destructive individuals.

My ancestors, on the other hand, both the ones I know of and most likely those I do not, were near-subsistence farmers which, in my judgement, eked out a harsh living in their short and miserable lives. I am quite sure that if I were to give them your attitude they would give me a well deserved smack in the gabber.   

And they'd be the idiots for it. Were they religious too?

Okay, I invite you to visit some of the least healthy parts of Africa and explain that to people who literally are dying. Better yet, go to your local hospital, and chat with the patients roaming the halls, and tell them that they are hurting the rest of us by getting better.

You're a clinically cynical loon. You seriously need some psychiatric guidance.

That Overvaluing of ourselves? that's called survival instinct. It's naturally evolved, and every species on the planet has it. We just happen to be the ones with the most advanced brains and the opposable thumbs. We're not the biggest, fastest, strongest, or even the best armed. We're just the smartest.


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