I don't know if anyone else has come across this article before (published in 2011), but I'm interested in hearing thoughts on the article; especially hearing those who were raised in Muslim societies. 

Nicolai Sennels: Report from the therapy room: Why are muslims more... (I came across this reading an article called Why Do They Hate Us?)

I would paraphrase it for those who don't want to read the whole thing, but it's a lot of information. Sennels compares his experiences as a therapist for non-Muslim youth prisoners vs. Muslim youth prisoners. Personally I find the type of mentality described in the article to be completely mind boggling. It's incredibly frustrating and frightening that people would think that way (says the born-and-bred Westerner). 

Questions that come to mind (more political than psychological):

How accurately has Sennels described the philosophical differences about behavior between the West and Islam?

Is there any point at which we can justifiably declare another culture's values as intrinsically harmful and refuse to bend to the idea that it's just an inability to understand said culture?

What do you think of Sennels' proposed solution?

Should non-Muslim countries have the right to keep Muslims within their countries "in check" and place on them restrictions not used on other cultures/ideologies that are perceived as less-harmful?

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I read the full report and Jesus! What a one-sided rant. If Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist, he's not a very professional one. He didn't even try to give a pretense of objectivity.

Having said that, I agree with most of what he wrote about the nature of the causes of the problem of Muslim integration into Western societies. However, his take on the consequences of these problems and his suggested remedies seem naive and unfeasible. Overall, he comes off as an Islamophobe: especially when he strays from his professional experience with imprisoned youth. His one-sidedness even taints his most reasonable assertions.

I've read the entire Quran and even attempted a second reading but gave it up about half way through. I must say: Everybody should read the Quran. It will bore you to death but give you great insight into the Muslim mindset. If everybody read the Quran, the West would be better prepared for large-scale Muslim immigration. Islam isn't just a religion: it's also a legal and political system. Because of its emphasis on the Ummah (the global community of all Muslim believers), it is its own global civilization. They absolutely DO think different than Westerners and their values absolutely ARE incompatible with Western values.

Thankfully, an ocean separates us from Islamic countries. We're not inundated with Muslim refugees. But that potential is yet another reason why we need to completely enforce the separation of church and state and get rid of all remaining vestiges of religion in public life. The Muslims that DO immigrate here need to integrate into society and not form their own enclaves, as they do in Europe. We need to remain a pluralistic society and avoid multiculturalism like the plague. We should not bend over backwards for Muslims or ANY other group.

No to accommodationism. No to multiculturalism.


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