I'm a non-believer re: god but I do believe in e.s.p. Mostly I believe in synchronicity = things happen at the same time & other definitions.
One example: At SF/CA Gay Pride Parade, I took photo of a cute guy. I carried pic in my wallet hoping to meet him someday. Months later, I saw him on my street. I gave him the photo.
He said he'd only been in San Francisco two times - when I took the photo & when I gave him the photo. He was from Arkansas!
I don't go around making things up to believe in, but the odds of this event puzzle me = maybe our brains were in some kind of sync.
Do you (other atheists) believe in e.s.p. of any kind? Thanks.

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I'll close this because it's old.
What I sometimes feel is a subtle condescending tone to some posts on this site. I would never demean another person for his/her beliefs. That's my opinion.


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