One of the ones that makes my skin crawl is when people use "of" instead of the contraction of "have." For example, "My plants died. I should of watered them before visiting my family for a week."


What are some of yours?

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That might be a source of massive irritation for you, but, unfortunately, using 'massive' that way is considered correct.

Massive can mean large in scale, amount, or degree.

Your quite right. Its horrible when people miss out apostrophe's or add one's where they shouldnt be. Or mangle phrases. Some people could care less, but its like nail's down a blackboard to me!


(Wow - I almost drove myself mad just writing the mangled paragraph above. I'm going for a lie down in a darkened room to recover now)

And "I could care less," taken literally, means "I care more than I could," which is the opposite of what they probably intend.

The phrase "I could care less" gives me the twitches. That one definitely drives me crazy.

I agree Jewelz. Makes me cringe every time I hear it. I even heard it on NPR the other day. Aaagh!

Simply saying "I could care" (leaving it at that, implying that one doesn't) would be more accurate.

I always say "I couldn't care less," because double negatives tickle me.  I can't escape the feeling that I'm being a tad haughty when I do, because where I live people don't use double negatives to actaully mean a positive.

This post has been highly enlightening; as English isn't my first language, I make a lot of mistakes with spelling, grammar, etc. I'll try to be more conscious of these in the future.

The misuse of homonyms drive me insane! There, their, they're are always used incorrectly! To, too, two. And don't even get me started on pronunciation problems... "can I aks you a question?" "No you cannot aks me a question, you can ASK me a question." It drives me up the wall.

But woe to them who use those misconstructions in their essay to get into a school or to get a scholarship, not to mention a job.

Don't forget "excape"!


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