One of the ones that makes my skin crawl is when people use "of" instead of the contraction of "have." For example, "My plants died. I should of watered them before visiting my family for a week."


What are some of yours?

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@Stutz: Yeah, what's with that anyway?

Where's the difference in pronunciation of "your" and "you're"? I mean, it might just be my thick Yorkshire accent, but I've never heard any difference in the two. Same for "there", "their" and "they're".

This thread reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. 

"I refuse to be part of a society that encourages the rampant abuse of its own language."

When did the expression "buck naked" become "butt naked"?

HA! I think this may be another example of a mutant hybrid baby. Butt ugly + buck naked perhaps?

Because stupid people think that the expression refers to the fact that your butt is exposed when you're naked.

When people don't capitalize or punctuate it's hard to tell if they even know how.


Which may be the point.

why would any1 want 2 do that neway its not as if it helps nebody no wut ur saying <--- When I see things like this I just want to grrashbkljhlstabstabak;ljastrangledll;grrbbludgeonasdlbbbbb.

When people say "there's" instead of "there are" or even "there're". I know "there're" isn't a word, but it's damn sure better than saying "There's some people outside."


Also, "should've".

I think that can be put down to ease of pronunciation though, as opposed to people just not knowing the rules. It could be accent too, I know that I say there's instead of "there is" or "there has" and "there're". When you're talking at speed, things get jumbled together, but I agree that it's not something I'd expect to see written down.

How about getting "there" out of the construction entirely: "Some people are outside/out there"


Reminds me of the old slam on sleepy small towns: "I went there once but there was no there there."

I guess I'd grant some leniency in the interest of expediency, but where do you draw the line? It's so a shame that "there're" isn't a word. It has just as many syllables as "should've". Every time I hear somebody say "There's people" I literally think the words "There is people" and it... I picture myself doing Bruce Lee things to them in my head.


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