Yesterday I had two Mormon brothers knock on my door. I engaged in a very....very long porch conversation. I am looking for any further advice as to how to engage in a meaningful conversation to make them THINK about the flock they are following. Any ex-mo advice would be helpful. I know this is only the beginning and I am looking forward to the challenge. 

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If they've bought into that crock that is mormonism, there isn't anything you're likely to say to change their delusions.

I have been debating various “cults” over the years. I have tried debating Mormons and I must say they were the most deluded of them all. Within about a minute of entering my house they were kneeling in pray asking their god to reveal himself to “our brother Reg”. I started asking about their ability to hold a direct conversation with the creator of the Universe.......I actually felt sorry for them as they had only been in the country for a few days…first time away from home and they pick my house…Lol…if only they had read the notes the last crew would have compiled about me.  I could not take too much of them so I gave them some Watchtower (ahem) brochures and they left. Too much like hard work for me. They really are from a different planet….. Kolob !!

TED talk

Try this:

Tell them that you noticed that they always refer to God as "Him."  Ask if they believe God is male.

They will indignantly say,"Yes, or course!"   

Next, ask if He has a penis.  They will hesitate and, faced with no other alternative, will say, "Yes."

Then ask them what He uses it for.

Again, with some hesitation, they will say, as two once said to me, "For procreation."

Finally ask, "Oh, whom did God f&%k?"

They will leave.

Mary ? ;)

Yeah, poor Joe. Now wonder they made him a saint. You wife gets pregnant and she says God did it. So that means Jesus had DNA directly from the boss. Egg from Heaven. Or was it 50% Mary, 50% God?, Her egg and a magic holy sperm. In the name of the father and his holy sperm.

"magic holy sperm". 

I love that.

Please ask them what the hell is " Reformed Egyptian " . Is it anything like Pig Latin ?

@Nathan: Yes, well you know there are no secrets among sisters, lol...I'm glad she told you. Anyway I wasn't just trying to be polite to you, I needed a fresh start without any preconceived judgments, without criticism, and without...well, shame. But I'm stronger now as a person and I at least have the backbone to confront any criticism that may arise from it. I am not the same person I was last October by far....I'm taking this thread on a huge rabbit trail, I can feel it...anyway...yes. It's me. I suppose you deserve to know publicly. You also deserve to be thanked publicly because you helped me escape the chains of religious slavery. I was a slave. And now I am free. Thank you.

Good for you Nathan. I'm happy for you. I really really am. I did tell her everything though...the whole story. The good and the bad of my own actions. All of it. and she still loves me despite myself. Me and her are sisters for life.  That will never change.

@Ray: ood gay estion quay

Why what? engage Mormons in discussion? To see if I can help them see or at least think about the cult they are following. Instead of slamming the door in their face why not talk to them? They probably get the door slammed (or they get ignored) and these poor boys, (usually like 18, 19 years old) are only doing what the church tells them to do. They are "obeying" because they have to. It's probably the only opportunity they get to hear a dose of truth and reality. It's worth the effort IMO. Even if they don't realize it right away they might in the future.

I'm just me, but I enjoy talking to people...can't you tell? LOL!!! I see it as an opportunity to share what atheism really IS. Most people (especially theists...ESPECIALLY not know.) They probably won't change but should I just turn my back on them if and slam the door at them? Why not engage in a meaningful conversation? What have I got to lose? They did tell a really good mormon joke which is what I got out of it.

How do you know you're at a mormon party? ....

when they spike the punch with mountain dew!

(I thought it was hilarious.)


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