So, is it possible? We can spend our lives discussing religion and science, the rights and wrongs, but can we actually say that one day it will be possible to destroy the concept of god? Will we ever live in a world free of faith, a world where its inhabitants live for being alive while they're alive, accepting truths, evidence and knowledge? 

Governments all over the world use their religious lean-to as the rock of truth to defend their policies and actions, including the USA and the UK. Its frightening that these people in such high levels of power use god as its source for justification. 

No religion, any religion, should be shown polite, restrained respect. It should be treated with the animosity that the religion itself shows to others who have different opinions to it, which includes the secularist, the freethinker, the atheist and other religious beliefs. 

The first step should be taken in the West, where we live, where the advancement of science is showing us on a daily basis more and more evidence on the natural order of life and the universe. No potential president or prime minister should gain power if they have an outright and affirmed belief in any given deity. Leadership should be based on intelligence and politics, religion should have no mention. 

A new law needs to be passed that no religious belief can be indoctrinated into children. They can't drink alcohol until the age of consent but its ok that by the time they reach that age they are already and firmly drunk on god. The world is awash with godaholics. Its an addiction and needs to be treated as such.

What are your thoughts?

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I don't think it's possible, at least not in democratic societies. Before politicians stop appealing to and using religion in their policies, there would have to be a shift in the population away from religion to the degree that the politician understands that a religious based appeal would not work. I don't think that's going to happen in my lifetime. 

I think we were hardwired to believe in the supernatural, after we progressed toward civilization from neanderthals etc as the urge to find understanding of our own existence demanded answers as we evolved and of course the power of religion was used to create order and power, but god was created as an answer a long time before the onset of science, years before Socrates for example. Now we have the advantage of scientific discovery and theories that can be proved to be correct. As a species we are continually moving forward and finding the correct answers to the oldest questions. With science and common sense hand in hand I personally believe that the future holds no other option than to end the myth of a creator.

That is the major concern, and thats the reason we need to act now.

There is more than just religion itself that keeps the masses illiterate to reality. Trying to be nice to everyone and be fair to everyone etc etc, is like the roads to disaster being paved with good intentions... People are NOT created equal - some are smart, some are creative, some are excellent orators and so on, but political correctness now dumbs down the playing field by making it level - allowing every piece of mismanaged philosophy to be acceptable, with no allowance for rational discussion. This is what religion takes advantage of and where it lives.
Say one thing that is contrary to the "moral" opinion (which is not always religious), and you simply get branded various words without any intelligent discussion for or against. This is no less oppressive than religion.
Say for instance, that "x" was unacceptable in the past, but now we can see that treatment of believers of "x" (be it religion, a life style, a culture - whatever) was wrong and mismanaged, and therefore "x" will be compensated. Then "x", incrementally is allowed carte blanche to behave in any manner it sees fit, right or wrong so as not to perpetuate the past. This is all political correctness achieves. The old "give an inch, take a mile" - and all because name calling comes before rational discussion.
So religion has been doing this for millenia. Dumbing down the masses, creating a level playing field amongst its followers so they all feel safe and secure. Non religious people are simply doing it with political correctness.
So with so many different people, it is impossible to accommodate the sensibilities of them all - with or without religion. People cannot self-regulate, cannot be honest (as ego comes before reality), cannot be fair (e.g. "yes, you take this job as you are better at this task than I and vice versa"), and are basically lazy - if they can get away with doing less most will, and so on.
We forget that with all our intellect, that we are basically members of the animal kingdom with the number one instinct being survival - and in an advanced civilisation that translates to greed, selfishness, basically anything to put our individual selves forward. This may not be the case for everyone 100% of the time, but there is not one human that is perfect (even peaceful individuals like the Dalai Lama had to admit to the allowance of the mistreatment of female nuns). Now the more people you have, the more you multiply our imperfections - so to make the world livable, you try and create a level playing field, and bang you are back to square one.
So to answer your question, religion or its ethics is here to stay. The more people there are, the more secure that hold will be.

I agree with your observances toward political correctness, which, I think is just another ingredient in the whole keep you in your place scenario. I agree all people are different but I also believe we are basically all the same, just like any other species, as human beings, we want to stay alive and our natural evolved instincts instruct us to understand morality, we do not want others hurting us so its probably best not to hurt others, for the sake of survival. 

The  Dalai Lama may have been seen as a peaceful individual, but buddhism has a shocking history of bloodshed and violence. 

If our basic instinct is survival and that survival is threatened then our reaction should be to react to that threat. Religion is the threat of today and so needs to be dealt with, firmly and with a hard line. Its time to stop appeasing them simply because we all have a "right" to believe in what we want. It is not equality when a member of a religious group believes it is ok to brainwash children or kill infidels because that is what their "good book" instructs. There will be no stopping that way of thinking as long as religion survives and is allowed to survive, it is the very concept of god itself that must be killed. 

Atheism is growing, give it time, long after our lifespan granted, but science will get better, more proofs will be shown about the universe, if we can put a halt to the teaching of religious studies to our children and let them grow naturally within their own development and mind, whether clever, artistic, hard working or lazy, common sense and knowledge will eventually overcome the idiocy and barbarism of religion.

God is a creation, therefore it can be destroyed.


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