Is the empowerment of women ALWAYS....ok...almost always...:)  for the betterment of society?

....You can guess

My answer Is....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?


For the purpose of this discussion: We must first define the empowerment of women. Please see this video. Women have only recently with the invention of modern medicine been able to control their reproductive health and choice. They have become much more equal in the workforce. They have been allowed to raise their children with infrastructure in place to aid them financially and emotionally. They have been given many rights that in previous generations were defaulted to the man, such as the right to vote, the right to join the armed forced and even the right to say no to sex and be heard. These rights have not come over night. But we now have them and many take them for granted. Myself included maybe. But the empowerment of women is more than just giving them rights. It's being able and willing as a society to recognize their humanity and honor it as just as important as a man's humanity. This means that special considerations must be made due to the nature of women as the child bearers and mothers. It doesn't mean special treatment or putting women above men, it means elevating them to a place where they can make the most of their lives and the lives of their children, and the society they live in. It means allowing them to use their unique skills and influence to counteract the sometimes male-dominated attitudes that prevail in public life, and it means that women MUST be respected for the natural born abilities they can bring to others, but even more so their ability to be authentically themselves without societal pressure to conform to old ways of thinking and living. It is the only way  our species will survive and has survived. Women have sought empowerment and have won in many ways, but in my opinion and the point of this discussion is to say that there is NEVER a circumstance where the empowerment of women would be detrimental to society, therefore it is ALWAYS for the betterment of society.

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The Mexican culture is similar in some ways. Although they don't wear the veil (anymore) there is a mindset deeply rooted within every aspect of the culture called Marianismo. It's the feminine opposite of Machismo (for men). Mexican women wouldn't believe they are oppressed either. In many placed they are addressed as "Jefa" (Boss) and from an outsider's perspective one might think they run the house! Not the case. Women in that culture are oppressed through cultural expectations that keep them within a tightly knit mentality that is controlled by men. They even say many/most women don't have "Ni voto ni voz..." (neither a vote or a say) if their husband speaks it's what is done. No questions asked. Women do not believe they are oppressed because they don't know anything different. How does a fly get out of a fly trap other than being set free from an outside influence?

Then surely the wider situation needs to be tackled, other parts of the picture. 

They see it this as this way


That pretty much sums it up.

Sums up shit. It's a false equivalency. It is somewhat funny because of the eye inversion thing, but otherwise it's worthy of a triple facepalm and a long, long sigh: reckless correctness on top of a huge reality disconnect.

RE: "it's worthy of a triple facepalm" - only Zaphod Beeblebrox could do that!

You're right, but he's out of the galaxy at the moment I'm told. Fortunately it can also be done with some assistance.

That would indeed be a proper equivalence. Thanks, I never seen that one before.

I believe it may well apply here... In modern society, women are plenty empowered to do whatever they want. They can go for the top jobs, there is no barrier to that except for the same barriers opposed to men. If women rarely apply, of course men will fill more of those positions.


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