Is the empowerment of women ALWAYS....ok...almost always...:)  for the betterment of society?

....You can guess

My answer Is....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?


For the purpose of this discussion: We must first define the empowerment of women. Please see this video. Women have only recently with the invention of modern medicine been able to control their reproductive health and choice. They have become much more equal in the workforce. They have been allowed to raise their children with infrastructure in place to aid them financially and emotionally. They have been given many rights that in previous generations were defaulted to the man, such as the right to vote, the right to join the armed forced and even the right to say no to sex and be heard. These rights have not come over night. But we now have them and many take them for granted. Myself included maybe. But the empowerment of women is more than just giving them rights. It's being able and willing as a society to recognize their humanity and honor it as just as important as a man's humanity. This means that special considerations must be made due to the nature of women as the child bearers and mothers. It doesn't mean special treatment or putting women above men, it means elevating them to a place where they can make the most of their lives and the lives of their children, and the society they live in. It means allowing them to use their unique skills and influence to counteract the sometimes male-dominated attitudes that prevail in public life, and it means that women MUST be respected for the natural born abilities they can bring to others, but even more so their ability to be authentically themselves without societal pressure to conform to old ways of thinking and living. It is the only way  our species will survive and has survived. Women have sought empowerment and have won in many ways, but in my opinion and the point of this discussion is to say that there is NEVER a circumstance where the empowerment of women would be detrimental to society, therefore it is ALWAYS for the betterment of society.

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Belle, you are the one making the claim... I was hoping you would substantiate it with evidence.

Heres a quote from the wiki article you linked which I think makes my point quite well:

To empower a female "...sounds as though we are dismissing or ignoring males, but the truth is, both genders desperately need to be equally empowered."[8]

Can you think of examples when empowering women is NOT for the betterment of society?

Yes, see my post below, re: an equal society.


are you or aren't you in agreement with me?

I guess the quote didnt get the point across. I don't see how empowering women, will always benefit the society. Like the quote, empowerment for both men and women, equally, is what will ultimitely benfit society.

Lol he was just making a joke

You are right, I am serious. "ALWAYS" is a pretty extraordinary claim and I'm not sure it's even possible that it ALWAYS benefits society to further empower women.

Imagine a society with perfect equality between men and women. Is it still beneficial to further empower women? Why?

Show me a country where that is the case. Or any large organization.

It isn't even the case within the atheist community.

In some future where it would be the case we could worry about women being more empowered than us dudes.

His point still stands, it's not *always* the case.  It happens to be the case that women ought to be more empowered than they are now but that does not mean that will always be the case.  Incidentally there is another thread active now which raises the possibility that the "balance of power" might already be tilted towards women with regard to some issues.

I believe you. I've been discussing folks who not only thought men were being neglected and subordinated by uppity women, but were also on the verge of being overrun by hordes of newly wed gays.

So women in first world countries are already empowered enough?

does NOT empower women that is economically and politically propersous?

United Arab Emirates springs to mind... My uncle worked there for decades in a hospital. In fact, alot of the middle-east and arab countries are doing quite well economically and politically, largely owing to the large oil reserves in the region.

I agree that women in the third world need alot more empowering.

No or else we got too many Kim Kardashian women walking around.

Then one can say also that true empowerment uplifts men to where they can advance the well being of ofthers

There is a sufficient definition in the wiki article you linked... Oh well, onwards to the next page!


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