I've come up with this handy empathy exercise.  I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on it or how it could be improved. 


with a .pdf file for printing here:


It's inspired by this compassion exercise. https://www.myotherdrive.com/dyn/file/271.210214.05012014.64230.6a6...

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Interesting.  I like anything like this that encourages people to try to understand the prospectives of others.  If you like this sort of stuff, I could look out one of my favourite prejudices exercises.  The aim is to come to terms with any prejudice that we have, giving us the ability to reduce it and to be more aware of it when reacting to what others say.  

We all have prejudices.  For instance, I know that I am prejudice against religion.  So I have to be aware of my driving motivations when talking to religious people in order to insure that I treat them the same as everyone else.  After all, I think their views are wrong, not that the person is evil.

I also have some great information on active listening.  It's designed to help a youth worker when talking to young people, but the skills are largely transferable.  The aim is to make the person feel listened to, that their thoughts and views are being considered.

I will look these things out when I get a chance, though they are hard copy's only, so I'l have to go get them scanned.

That's interesting.  When you've got time, it would be good to see them. 


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