HB 1572, a bill granting the legal status of personhood to human embryos and even single-celled zygotes, has passed the North Dakota House of Representatives and will now proceed to the North Dakota Senate. If this bill becomes law, the repercussions will be widespread for the citizens of North Dakota and beyond. The bill was intended to force a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade, with the goal of overturning it. Please contact the members of the North Dakota Senate and request that they vote nay on any bill that would extend the rights of a person to human embryos and fertilized eggs. Their email addresses and a sample letter are included below -- though it's better to write your own.

aranderson@nd.gov, jandrist@nd.gov, jbakke@nd.gov, abehm@nd.gov, bbowman@nd.gov, rchristmann@nd.gov, dcook@nd.gov, ddever@nd.gov, jdotzenrod@nd.gov, rerbele@nd.gov, tdfiebiger@nd.gov, tfischer@nd.gov, tflakoll@nd.gov, lfreborg@nd.gov, tgrindberg@nd.gov, jheckaman@nd.gov, dhogue@nd.gov, rholmberg@nd.gov, rhorne@nd.gov, rkilzer@nd.gov, jklein@nd.gov, akrauter@nd.gov, kkrebsbach@nd.gov, galee@nd.gov, jlee@nd.gov, elindaas@nd.gov, slyson@nd.gov, rmarcellais@nd.gov, tmathern@nd.gov, joetmiller@nd.gov, cnelson@nd.gov, dnething@nd.gov, glnodland@nd.gov, doconnell@nd.gov, doehlke@nd.gov, colafson@nd.gov, jpomeroy@nd.gov, tpotter@nd.gov, lrobinson@nd.gov, macschneider@nd.gov, tseymour@nd.gov, bstenehjem@nd.gov, rtaylor@nd.gov, ctriplett@nd.gov, tmwanzek@nd.gov, rwardner@nd.gov, jwarner@nd.gov


Dear North Dakota Senators,

Recently, the North Dakota House of Representatives passed HB 1572, a bill to extend the rights of a person to human embryos and single-celled zygotes. This resolution has now been received by the Senate.

I encourage you to vote nay on any bill that would grant the legal status of personhood to an embryo or zygote. Embryos and zygotes clearly do not qualify as persons. Their nervous systems have not developed to the point that they are capable of conscious awareness or thought.

There is no justifiable reason to extend the rights of a person to non-sapient, non-sentient organisms such as embryos and zygotes. Therefore, I must once again urge you to vote nay on any bill that would do so.

[your name]

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I, a radical communistic antitheist, support this bill.
did you mean "I, a christian fundamentalist" ?
less with the slogans, more with the argument to back it up.
makes you look too faith-based.
I'm an antiabortionist but I also know my place in the matter. Protectin' the rights of the unborn is tricky when a woman declares her body her own property (even though I think she forfeits some rights when she gets pregnant in the knowin' & willin' sense, not the rape/life in jeopardy type). Then there's the rights of the biological father, but they usually have no say in the matter because the liberal mind is mostly created by people that were raised by single mothers & dead beat dads.

Anyways, I'm rantin' for nothin' here. Just felt like rantin'.
I sent this out to all of them as well. But I've only received a couple generic replies... *shrugs*


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