So I am watching the election right now, and being in the Midwest everything is very close right now. But in my state of Michigan the Republicans are winning almost all government positions including Rick Snyder, a man with no previous political experience is now probably going to be the next governor of Michigan. My school is pretty divided we have our Young Democrats of America group which I am part of. Our Hot Young Republicans of America Group. Yes I said it right they have a big ego. And finally Democrats for Rick Snyder, now this group was made because one of Rick Snyder's daughters goes to my school and is the year below me. Her friends just joined the club to support her. Anyways it soon looks like the Republicans are going to take over the Senate and the House. And personally I am scared, my whole liberal democratic family is scared. So I am going to say now are Atheist and all of America screwed now? Well I do not know, but I will try continuing to promote Atheist rights in the state of Michigan and over America even if it seems inevitable now. To the Republicans or conservatives I hope this did not offend you. I would like your opinions on this subject right now as the election is continuing.

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You would have done well to not mention Bush in the rankings. This is not about Bush. This is not about Palin. This is about Barack Obama, #43.

You continue to build up arguments as though I'm arguing for other people. I hold to liberal ideals with my civil liberties, and I'm not going to let them continue to get trampled out of fear of what the other party might do to them.

By the way, do better than Siena College.
Well, I guess we just have to disagree.

I think that alternatives come into play only when voting comes around, not during a person's presidency. I hold Obama (and all presidents for that matter) accountable for what he promised he would do, and what he has not done. He has made a lot of accomplishments, but in my (unpopular here at least) opinion, they are minor in comparison to what he has quite blatantly made 180 degree change on, especially concerning our warfare tactics.

As far as which American Citizens have been assassinated, we don't know. Why? State Secrets. It all comes around and around in one big shadowy web.
He should not be open for tinkering. Why doesn't he fight for it? Tinkering is what took the public option off the table.
Jean Marie. This is the last time I will ever respond to you. You have no idea what I believe. You have no idea about my feelings about this president or my ideology whatsoever, my voting record, my life in politics, because every time I offer criticism of Obama for continuing policies of BUSH, you jump down my throat and build up arguments against things that I'm not saying. You have no interest in talking about politics, only dominating the discussion with people that agree with you.
I believe but cannot prove that I am witnessing the end of faith. As Xtians transition from burning Mormons in Missouri to voting for a Mormon for president I see a slide to a complete minority inter-faith coalition of Xtians, Moslems, Scientologist and Amway distributors. It's all over but the shouting.

Remember - evolution delights in Creationist not believing in it. Embrace your foe's misunderstanding.


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