So I am watching the election right now, and being in the Midwest everything is very close right now. But in my state of Michigan the Republicans are winning almost all government positions including Rick Snyder, a man with no previous political experience is now probably going to be the next governor of Michigan. My school is pretty divided we have our Young Democrats of America group which I am part of. Our Hot Young Republicans of America Group. Yes I said it right they have a big ego. And finally Democrats for Rick Snyder, now this group was made because one of Rick Snyder's daughters goes to my school and is the year below me. Her friends just joined the club to support her. Anyways it soon looks like the Republicans are going to take over the Senate and the House. And personally I am scared, my whole liberal democratic family is scared. So I am going to say now are Atheist and all of America screwed now? Well I do not know, but I will try continuing to promote Atheist rights in the state of Michigan and over America even if it seems inevitable now. To the Republicans or conservatives I hope this did not offend you. I would like your opinions on this subject right now as the election is continuing.

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The upside to me is that with the Tea Bagger's mandate to obstruct and their extreme ideology, Obama and his agenda will get the enthusiasm they deserve in 2012. This is a fickle electorate and the Repugs have just sealed their fate for the next election. It may in fact be the end of them as a serious party.
I really really really hope you're not wrong.

Sadly, I have my doubts, for two reasons:
1. Obama has still shown no willingness to bother to shift to the left. I'm extremely worried that he will continue to insult progressives and shift to the right, further exasperating progressive voters.
2. The economy will likely get even worse with more Republican control, but with Obama in the white house, it will probably be blamed on the Democrats, giving Republicans even more power.

I really hope I'm wrong.
Wait, wait, wait what? Obama to the left? No way in hell, buddy. Obama is a staunch centrist all the way. This can be seen quite clearly in that most of the reforms passed have basically been Republican ideas (that the Republicans then unanimously voted against).
Republicans and Democrats would make George Washington Facepalm. Did they not even read his farewell address?
Yep, we're screwed. Not as atheists per se, but as Americans, that is, people, middle-class Americans. Why? because the wholly owned Republican party of the large, multi-national corporations, and the wealthiest, will be doing their bidding. They will be selling off America, factory by factory, creating ever more tax cuts and tax loopholes, so as to undermine the infrastructure, and utilities, and services of our country.

On the other hand, they have God on their side, and they are the most patriotic among us—so who are we to question them! ;-) Ricky (vtvita) Vermont
Don't really agree on the characterization of Democrats. Rather they believe that all people should be afforded certain basic rights, like the right to not starve to death. Or the right to not have your house taken away because you got cancer.
Yes, we are royally screwed. I think George Carlin said it best, "People are really fuckin' stupid." I just cannot believe the raging stupidity inherent in voting back in the very same group of people who fucked things up this badly in the fist place. Divide and conquer - that tactic never fails. Get us all so involved in fighting amongst ourselves over ideological bullshit that we take no notice of that man behind the curtain. Well, that man behind the curtain is Mr. Corporation and we allowed him to buy our political system a long time ago. The truly maddeningly and sad thing is that we could take it back from him anytime we wanted to... if we only had a brain.
I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how "all the atheists in America" are "screwed" because a bunch of Republicans won HOR seats. Since when has the Democratic party ever been a champion of atheist's rights? Ask a politician such as Hillary Clinton or Joseph Lieberman to talk about their faith, and in response you will get the exact same devout imbicelities indistinguishable from that which would be offered by Sarah Palin and George W. Bush.
Of course, I despise conservatives. But I despise liberals much more. So it gave me great pleasure in watching the useless, hypocritical, self-righteous, hyperfascist entity known as the Democratic party take it on the chin Tuesday. Your individual rights are far safer under Republican government than they are under Democrats. Trust me on this.
Well, you said you wanted an opinion, so there's mine. And this is coming from someone who once was a member of a college Young Democrats organization. I also about the same time also still considered myself a Christian. Thankfully, I grew out of both pernicious beliefs.
I would say all Americans are screwed because the Republican party has gained significantly increased power to block legislation and push their economically-damaging agenda.

I don't expect much of any change on any sort of rights issues. But the economy is highly likely to get worse because of Republican actions over the next two years.
You said "your individual rights are far safer under republican government than they are under democrats. trust me"...well, I'm NOT going to trust me that's just false... the R party cares little about equal rights for all, in their handling of gay rights/marriage/military, on and's white christian rich people they care about, it's their political base ....why do your believe your statement to be true?
Don't forget the right to push gay people to suicide!


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