So I am watching the election right now, and being in the Midwest everything is very close right now. But in my state of Michigan the Republicans are winning almost all government positions including Rick Snyder, a man with no previous political experience is now probably going to be the next governor of Michigan. My school is pretty divided we have our Young Democrats of America group which I am part of. Our Hot Young Republicans of America Group. Yes I said it right they have a big ego. And finally Democrats for Rick Snyder, now this group was made because one of Rick Snyder's daughters goes to my school and is the year below me. Her friends just joined the club to support her. Anyways it soon looks like the Republicans are going to take over the Senate and the House. And personally I am scared, my whole liberal democratic family is scared. So I am going to say now are Atheist and all of America screwed now? Well I do not know, but I will try continuing to promote Atheist rights in the state of Michigan and over America even if it seems inevitable now. To the Republicans or conservatives I hope this did not offend you. I would like your opinions on this subject right now as the election is continuing.

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Maybe after the extreme right-wingers fuck up our country beyond repair

I thought we already went through this in Bush's 8 years.... here we go again. People never learn....
Well, I don't think it's entirely accurate to say we have zero inflation. More accurate statements would be:
1. Inflation is currently falling, and has been for the last two years. If we keep on this trend, we are likely to fall into deflation in 2-3 years.
2. The Federal Reserve tried one round of quantitative easing earlier, and it utterly failed to budge inflation. Many economists are highly skeptical that this second round of quantitative easing will help, even if the Fed goes all-out. But the Fed is likely to be overly-cautious, so the probability of increased inflation is next to nil.
What is the effect of the rules that are used to formally compute inflation, such as using rental rates as a component when 60+% are homeowners, and what is inflation if you just take out housing? Housing is in freefall, as everybody who breathes knows. Is it responsible for the lack of inflation?
I'm pretty depressed over the whole thing.
It saddens me at how ignorant and violent and cruel our opposition is.
I didn't think that equal rights and freedom of speech and religion would EVER be in danger of being erased...
It seems that I put too much faith in people.
I always thought that every sound American would want all those things for everyone, but it seems that the average American is too stupid and greedy to even strive towards that.

Make no mistake, we ARE a minority, and a feared one at that.
It truly is frightening to think what our future might hold...a depression? Global annihilation? Racial, sexual and religious segregation? Yes, I see all of them in the future.
So much willful ignorance, so much rabid violence...
It's sad that we've fallen this far as a species.

But what else can the few good souls do, but carry on and fight for our little patch of freedom?
What can we do, but struggle to keep what little elbow room that we have?
Yes, we're screwed. Let me make three predictions:
1. The Republicans will force another shutdown of government.
2. They will also impeach President Obama on trumped-up charges.
3. The economy will tank because Republicans are going to force through budget cuts.
I am going to start planing on becoming European.
Smart idea Michel, if I were younger I'd say 'Bon Voyage' as well!
Actually, I have been looking into New Zealand. Its far away from the States, Europe, and the rest of the world. Looks very promising. By the time I retire I can live pretty good in a country like that.
Thanks for all the comments guys! I did not know I would get this much. I just woke up because I have school but for the general discussion I think the Democrats took everything for granted having a President, Senate and House Majority, but the Republicans took advantage of this during those two years, created the Tea Party and ultimately leading to this day where the Republicans will take the Majority of the House and Senate. I also agree with the ideal candidate we need a person like that to help America change. If I ever go into politics I would definitively try to be that ideal candidate. Well if America does get worse I might move to Canada with my cousins or maybe go to Europe, at least they don't have as much chaos. Also I think we should be happy Christine O' Donnell did not win Senate seat for Delaware. Thanks keep commenting!
Unfortunately, Europe is also getting quite a lot worse. I still hope it will weather the crisis better than the US, but nations all over Europe are swinging conservative in a rather disturbing pattern.
I did hear that they were going to start taking volunteers to move permanently to Mars. I think I could go Martian.
I don't think the Republicans created the Tea Parties, as they pushed candidates that knocked some Republicans out of the primary, e.g., Delaware as you mentioned. The Tea Parties have a different philosophy from the one the Republicans favored until recently.


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