So I am watching the election right now, and being in the Midwest everything is very close right now. But in my state of Michigan the Republicans are winning almost all government positions including Rick Snyder, a man with no previous political experience is now probably going to be the next governor of Michigan. My school is pretty divided we have our Young Democrats of America group which I am part of. Our Hot Young Republicans of America Group. Yes I said it right they have a big ego. And finally Democrats for Rick Snyder, now this group was made because one of Rick Snyder's daughters goes to my school and is the year below me. Her friends just joined the club to support her. Anyways it soon looks like the Republicans are going to take over the Senate and the House. And personally I am scared, my whole liberal democratic family is scared. So I am going to say now are Atheist and all of America screwed now? Well I do not know, but I will try continuing to promote Atheist rights in the state of Michigan and over America even if it seems inevitable now. To the Republicans or conservatives I hope this did not offend you. I would like your opinions on this subject right now as the election is continuing.

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here's a good one that explains why government spending can help:

If people try to spend less than their income on average, then incomes simply fall to compensate. This is the world we're living in. To stop the hemorrhaging of incomes, government can simply go into sufficient debt by spending money.
I have never held human intelligence in high regard, today just supports that opinion. Michele Bachmann????!
You are SO right. Can't blame Republicans for being themselves. Democrats are SUPPOSED to be there to OPPOSE the Republicans. Instead, they've been cowed and brow-beaten down by one stupid Republican thing after another.

Except for Alan Grayson, who was defeated tonight. I love Alan Grayson. He was a real fighter and the kind of politician we NEED in office. I am so sad to see him go :(
I'm sure that some will disagree (especially since I'm not an American and what could I possibly have to say about your elections?) but I'm not seeing how a candidate could reconcile a balanced budget & strong science education against low taxes - unless they have a formula for increasing the income of their constituents, across the board, at the same time.
You can say whatever you want about our politics sometimes an outside view can be rather useful. Personally I'd rather have fair and responsible taxes that actually pays for things (like making higher education really low cost or free and single payer health care) than lower taxes. But apparently I'm rather alone in this country full of people who want lower taxes at any cost.
Like this quote. So true.

What most people don't realize is that the Republicans are not fighting to lower their taxes. The wealthy benefit the most under a Republican administration and the middle class less so than they would under a Democrat administration.

People enjoy service provided them, whether they know it or not. When the tax burden is lifted off the rich (because, hey, you can't have too many vacation homes or luxury cars, rigt?), in order to maintain those services, the tax burden is either shifted somewhere else (read middle class) or the services disappear. The losers are anyone not in the upper echelon of wealth.

It amazes me how many middle class people vote against their best interests.
@Adriana -- How much of millionaires' income goes to luxury goods and how much goes to investments, IPOs, venture capital, or other job producing things? If the answer is 1%/99% you are an idiot. If the answer is 99%/1%, you are a visionary. Let us know the result.
The problem is that right now, due to the economic uncertainty, it tends to go into savings accounts. But since the banks aren't lending, it just sits there in the banks.

And even when the money does go into stocks, businesses aren't making use of it because they don't have the sales needed to expand.
I don't understand why this incessant comparison of Obama and Bush has to occur. It misses the point as I see it. A lot of people (voters) don't like either of them, and want something new. I see the election as a rejection of incumbents and their political philosophy of debt and earmarks. Many cases, there was a vote between the lesser of two evils, but not always.
Whatever may come, lets just be glad that twat Christine O'Donnell doesn't get a say in it. Although I'm sure people have been elected who are just as bad as her. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Stupid people elect stupid leaders, and the U.S. is brimming with stupid people. Maybe after the extreme right-wingers fuck up our country beyond repair people will finally realize that they need to fucking THINK befor they vote! Assuming the rest of the world hasn't decided to nuke us into oblivion by then.

In other words: We are soooo screwed! I'm moving to some Scandinavian country!
"republicans support archaic social policies and democrats have absolutely no business sense. this means we are always screwed."


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