So I am watching the election right now, and being in the Midwest everything is very close right now. But in my state of Michigan the Republicans are winning almost all government positions including Rick Snyder, a man with no previous political experience is now probably going to be the next governor of Michigan. My school is pretty divided we have our Young Democrats of America group which I am part of. Our Hot Young Republicans of America Group. Yes I said it right they have a big ego. And finally Democrats for Rick Snyder, now this group was made because one of Rick Snyder's daughters goes to my school and is the year below me. Her friends just joined the club to support her. Anyways it soon looks like the Republicans are going to take over the Senate and the House. And personally I am scared, my whole liberal democratic family is scared. So I am going to say now are Atheist and all of America screwed now? Well I do not know, but I will try continuing to promote Atheist rights in the state of Michigan and over America even if it seems inevitable now. To the Republicans or conservatives I hope this did not offend you. I would like your opinions on this subject right now as the election is continuing.

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unfortunately, America is too full of ignorant fearful bigots for there to be a democrat in office for too long.
Yep. The thing is my town of Ann Arbor MI is basically liberal town USA but because of Rick Snyder being from Ann Arbor our town was split in half for Democrats and Republicans. I am sure this was the same for many other cities and states.
I live in Macomb County Michigan and the political ads for the candidates were slanderous and otherwise petty and retarded. I'm not sure how any of the Republicans won except by dirty tricks.
We can expect complete gridlock in Congress and 2 years of zero improvement for our economy. I have no doubt that President Obama will have his hands tied and no new legislation that helps the people will be passed. We will now see the rebirth of the House Un-American Committee if Bachmann gets her way and Rand Paul will have us all nicely segregated and praying to Aqua Buddha before the next election. Of course, I exaggerate (maybe) but to answer your question, yes. Yes we are screwed.
Thanks for the answer! I guess we just have to wait until the 2012 election and hope the Democrats gain it power and the Tea Party will die down.
Can we hold out for 2 years? Can this country's economy handle what the GOP has in store for us? The GOP & Tea Party took the House of Representatives. That means they will cut the purse strings (all appropriations must originate in the House) and starve us all to death. They will keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich and encourage more outsourcing of jobs overseas. They are going to bring back the disaster infamously known as Reaganomics (trickle down economics). When the GOP talks about cutting government spending what they mean is cut spending for social programs like food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and money for schools, housing subsidies, and health department funding. The GOP will gladly increase defense spending while cutting off the money for school lunches for hungry children. They will inundate the President with subpoenas for his birth certificate and probably demand an impeachment hearing. It is all over but the shouting.
I understand your point, and I know you aren't being mean. :-)

I remember the Clinton years. And I remember that the Deficit Reduction Act of 1993 was passed without a single Republican vote. That bears repeating: Not one Republican voted in support of the Deficit Reduction Act of 1993.

Clinton cut unnecessary spending while increasing spending for education, science (NASA & medical research) and technology. We enjoyed job growth as a result of the re-direction of funds, not as a result of cutting funds.

Here's more information: "Clinton Presidency"
Positive thinking is a good position to take. Me? I'm being a little more pragmatic. :-) Cheers!
That's just not true, though. If fiscal responsibility lead to strong markets, then why are the interest rates on federal bonds basically as low as they've ever been?
Explain that to Greece and Spain.
I am not trying to be mean, but you can not spend your way out of a recession.

Auserity will cause a major contraction of the economy, escalating the recession. What other options are there?

Clinton was able to balance the budget because he enjoyed the financial boon of the Dot Com era. We don't have something like that going for us now.
Exactly, doone. In fact, because it was the way to get out of the recession is why Republicans themselves began measures to spend their way out and Obama continued and expanded the stiumulus. Republicans disavowed and attacked the stimulus project for political gain. But, even they knew it was the best way to attack the recession when they had the reins.

Doesn't anyone recall FDR and the National Recovery Act? That it was effective should be without question. The only argument one can make is on how effective it was.


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