Alber Saber, a former christian and currently an atheist, admin of the "Egyptian Atheists facebook page" was attacked by mob and arrested by the police on Thursday evening. He is accused of atheism , disgracing religions, and disseminating the anti-islam film (he only shared it on his page) .

It's still vague how it all started , but one news site stated that Alber (24 years) invited a muslim friend to his house when that friend used Alber's PC and knew of his atheism and the facebook page he is running.
 a fierce argument erupted between the both , he dragged him to the streets were the mob gathered and attacked Alber, they even wanted to burn his house.

The police was called in, they arrested him and accused him of the charges mentioned above.

There is a video of the incident uploaded on YouTube  where the angry mob is seen demanding Saber be apprehended. Hundreds of angry protesters had gathered before police arrived. As Saber was hauled to the police van, insults were heard being hurled at the man, with many calling for his death due to him being an infidel.

Alber decided to go on hunger strike starting from today, what i fear is that even if they set him free, the mob won't let him live and they will probably kill him.

i don't know what we should do .. i feel so helpless.

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Egypt's Attorney General has launched an investigation into the circumstances of the unlawful arrest and torture of Alber Saber. (Arabic) (English: Using Google Translate)

Yesterday, I forwarded the petition link to other groups on Atheist Universe, who signed it and passed it on to others.

I've also re-posted your links about the investigation, along with pictures. Now we'll see if there's any justice in Egypt.

UPDATE: Alber is now charged with slandering the divine being and religious disdain (I had no idea we even have such laws to begin with) (Source)

Copied Translation:

We have no idea about this development, but, and, all published at the same time the same scripted article:

The attorney general refers Alber Saber to the misdemeanor with the charge of slander
ing the divine being and religious disdain

On Monday, the advisor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud, the public prosecutor, referred Alber Saber Ayyad Zaki to the misdemeanor court, who is charged with religious disdaining Islam and Christianity and slandering the divine being and prophets and doubting the heavenly books.

The advisor, Mostafa Khater, the primary general attorney of the south Cairo prosecution, set the session of 26 September to look at the first session.

The investigations which were proceeded by the advisor, Sherif Shaarawi, the prosecution chief, revealed that the defendant exploited the two religions, Christianity and Islam by promoting by saying and writing radical ideas, doing that by creating electronic pages on the social networks, from them "Gods Fucker" and "Egyptian Atheists", and put on them writings, pictures and video clips calling for atheism, and he doubted the heavenly books, mocked prophets and religious and Christian rites, and described the protector as the weak who is not strong enough to protect his sanctities, and he does not listen to the supplication and others, which don’t go straight with the heavenly human instinct.

The investigations said that he denied the divine being and humans were created from the womb of the nature, in addition to the incorrectness of some verses and provisions of the Quran and the Gospel, alleging that what was listed in them was mentioned in old myths, and he decided that the prophet was writing the Quran by himself to marry who he wants from women, and his prophet Jesus, peace by upon him, and virgin Mary, were married, as well as he mocked the Muslims’ fasting and their circumambulation around the Kaaba and their kissing to the black stone, the kissing of Christians to the cross, and he promoted them on the websites intending to stir sedition and doing contempt and disdain to heavenly religions.
How to help? (Join this page to get the latest updates and spread the word)

I sent out requests to 91 friends to sign, and re-posted your comment to Atheist Universe, which has the whole story, and has its own petition drive going. The current count is 3,000+ signatures, with 6,000+ still to go, to reach the required 10,000.

See Page 7:

Please keep us informed, Rma!

Thanks so much for helping out. This guy's case in particular is getting more ridiculous with time and it is actually a very good example of how an international blasphemy law will be used (like if we didn't know), let's keep it up and spread the word about this.

I went to:

and posted the following comment:

"Saber is Right! All religions are fables. What kind of backward country imprisons a man for telling the truth?"

The reply I got was: "Your comment has been added and sent for review"

Anyone want to bet my comment never sees the light of day?

Any idea as to what the punishment would be if Saber is found guilty?

Ahram is a state ran news agency. I'm not sure if your comment will see the light or not, maybe it is just a way to limit spam posts. Never really bothered commenting on state ran anything.

I think Alber will be jailed for at least 4-5 years if found guilty based on the previous verdicts for similar cases. And of course found guilty or no he won't be able to go home now.

4-5 years for a misdemeanor? In this country, a misdemeanor is a minor crime, most often punishable by a fine, but at worst, less than a year of incarceration.

Not to change the subject, but are you familiar with this case?

Nagla Wafa: A new episode of an expat's ordeal in Saudi Arabia

Yep, very typical of Saudi King's family. There's no law there, just the royal family's law. I wouldn't be surprised if the so called "princess" just had a childish conflict with Nagla and decided to trash her for good.

I think same thing also happened with a lawyer from Egypt was travelling to KSA for pilgrimage or Ummrah and got arrested for smuggling illegal drugs (or so they claim) while if I remember correctly he insulted the king or something like that and that's really what he got arrested for.

I must believe that THIS is encouraging:

Meanwhile, Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities Abdel Qawi Khalifa has announced that mosques and churches will no longer be exempt from paying their water bills, with Al-Shorouk reporting that the announcement comes following the minister’s inspection of a water station in Abnoub, where he was approached by three employees requesting they be exempt from the LE700 it would cost to install water in a local mosque, a request to which the minister reportedly replied, “the government has no God.”


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