"Easter Sunday Sunrise" sign on city property...need advise ASAP!

Ok my friends, I saw a sign that was on top of a city sign that says "Welcome to X City" in my city driving home (and I am in Southern California in not to hardcore of a religious place) and there was a yellow banner on top of the city sign that said "Easter Sunday Sunrise - All Welcome" something to that effect. This is clearly a violation of separation of church and state but do you all think that I should contact the city in having it removed or am I being too picky??? I don't know....I wanted some of your advise!!!! Please respond quickly as I want to decide what to do and your input would be highly appreciated and sway my decision..

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It is obvious that it was put up by a church group/organization...like you said, some group put it up because of the great location visibility-wise...it doesn't come out as religious by just glancing at the sign but you have to read the actual text...they were advertising an "Easter sunrise event" at the park that was near the sign...but do you think I am being a "party pooper" in the "harmless" sign?? I am kind-of-torn..
I am not being too sensitive, am I?

thx, who should I call you think? It is 11:31 AM here so I have time to go inform this. Is Easter this Sunday?

What agency I mean?? City council??

Wow...I forgot today was Saturday because I was just at school taking a test for one of my classes....brain-dead moment :(. I can go take the sign down myself...but I don't know. Thanks for your response Nelson and if any other people have opinions I'd like to hear it too!
They have a graffiti hotline that is open..
If I don't do anything today that is 2 days of violating the constitution for them..
I mean, I am going to try to call the 24-hour hotline for graffiti etc. to give it a try. I never said I was going to go and take it myself but if I did, I don't think it would be considered vandalism (but I don't plan to).
There is no problem so intractable as to not be amenable to the judicious application of high explosives.
Well, why don't you have one of the history guys at school put together a seminar disputing the historical existence of Jesus and place it right next to the banner, or in the place where it was previously just after it's taken down? That ought to get their attention.


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