IDK... As you all know I live with theists, and it is often like walking on eggshells with them, but around Easter/Christmas [at least 1 month for Christians] they turn into Rabid Raccons, so volital that they will bite your head off over anything.

So, during a Military Channel special on the Holocaust, I made a comment on the power of evil and this was the response I got from a rabid raccoon:


Say what? Wow! I did say that "hate can make it impossible for someone to love." But WTF does that have to do with insulting Christianity?! :@

Apparently anything we say to these hissing, spitting, foaming at the mouth theists will cause them to lash out.


Have any of you experienced this annoying phenomenon?

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Against atavistic near eastern mega-cults

True believers from the Big-3 Monster-Theisms©, through donations multiplied by unconstitutional tax breaks, enable religious institutions to finance illegitimate demands for secular power.

•Follow the money -- to the greatest Ponzi schemes on Earth. Religious institutions suck money, donated time, psychological energy. They misdirect the bulk into unproductive lifestyles, rituals, and ascetic practices. Life itself is not too precious to waste by indoctrinating and sacrificing “martyrs”.

Religious institutions exact much for sustaining a communal delusion centered on denying the finality of death. Theists engineered perfect Ponzi schemes -- once “rewards” become post-mortem, the bilked dead never complain. Not one law suit filed in two thousand years!

• Stinking mental hygiene begins with anti-intellectual irrationality. To deny death requires irrational commitment to cultic fables (faith), to meaningless obsession-compulsion (ritual), and to their Illogical defense (apologetics). Founder of xian cult, P/Saul of Tarsus marketed to the dispossessed of the eastern Roman Empire an easy-to-own inverted snobbery:

Not many of you were wise…; not…influential; not…of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things…to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things...and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are…1Cor1:26-28 NIV. We stink but stinking is godly!

• xian practice is nihilism

* Sadism. Forcing children to wallow in non-existent “sin”. Disdaining and desecrating “the world”. Projecting self-hatred. Perverting sexuality. Encouraging violent predispositions and murderous intentions against self and others. Glorifying pain and suffering.

* Male dominated social control. The true xian trinity: Male Supremacism, Misogyny, Paternalism. Pro-birth and anti-life. Intolerance towards any ideological alternatives. Stalking and harassing women seeking abortion counseling. Killing abortion providers. Traitorous planning to overthrow US secular government — Dominionism.

the anti_supernaturalist

Oh you have one of my favorite songs playing on our page (Highway to Hell). Made me feel really good on this lovely Easter Sunday lol. I am preparing to leave to go to the traditional Easter family dinner. I am hoping it will go smoothly. I never know what will happen when the all the crazy people in my family get together lol.


Back to the topic. I did encounter a little of this rabbid Christian behavior yesterday. I was on an outing with some Christian friends that are cool and rarely bring up the subject of religion. The problem was, a Christian friend of theirs was in town and we deciced to all get together. I bump into this Christian friend of theirs once in a great while and she has never said anything offensive to me in the past. However, this all changed once we dropped her off at her parents' house where she was visiting and she invited us in for a minute to say hello to her parents.  


So now we are on her turf and the group of us are sitting there chit chatting and her 80 something year old mother looks at me and says "What church do you go to?" Ooops, what was I supposed to say?  "Lady, I have not been to church in 30 years?" lol. I was so caught off guard that I just blurted "I don't go to church. I'm too lazy to get up on Sunday mornings." I just tried to laugh it off.


She then began to tell me how important it was to have fellowship with one another seeing as it is the end times with all the earthquakes and tsunamis and wars, and rumoruos of wars, blah, blah blah, if you have ever been a Christian, you are probably already well familiar with the speil. So I just kind of - yeah, yeah, I know (awwkwwaarrrd), and sit there hoping the subject will change QUICKLY. But then, the daughter of the mother says "I'd just like to interject that there are churches who have afternoon and evening services on various different days throughout the week." Oh no she did'ent! lol.  


At this point my cool Christian friends jumped in to stand up for me saying "Well the important thing is your relationship with Christ". Now I have told these friends I no longer believed in God in the past. However, I have since said things that fasley imply I may have wavered on my stance and now believe again. I am starting to feel like a big phony and it is getting a little uncomfortable.

Come out of the closet Flower! We will support you!

I would use a direct but gilded statement. For instance: Some are comfortable using worship to craft a better world like a blacksmith works the metal of his wares; confident in their strength. Others however need the cold feel of the soil in their hands, the growth of seeds before them for their efforts, in order to be confident they are creating something good. Both work with the same hearts toward the same goals, the difference is merely in our preferred approach.

my day started off with a family member commenting on the snow, saying that god made it snow today to symbolize pure white, sin free existence. I suggested that it might have also been a simple cold front with significant moisture.  My joke wasn't taken too well. I was then  told how my "non belief " wasn't going to ruin this perfect day, and that god still loved me and hopefully someday i would see the truth.  what another great start to another holiday.
lol , too funny.
Wow. Glad to know my capacity to be surprised hasn't been exhausted yet. Did you tell them you had already seen the truth and you would be happy to enlighten them?
I get this too. As you may know there is an Atheist convention in Des Moins, IA and that is about 3 hours drive for me. I really wanted to go, but because of some financial difficulty as of late I wasn't able to attend. Well I have heard some Christians lately talking about this as well saying "Can you believe that they would have that on GOOD FRIDAY!!!!" As if they wouldn't be offended if it happend on any other day.

I have never understood why Xians call it "good Friday".  At BEST, they should call it : "not so hot Friday"

It just gets better.. i posted a bit of a rant on my FB page in regards to how Xtians tend to get all feel goody on holidays, an. Talking about love and peace and understanding etc, and then on monday the go back to being hateful and bigoted.  i got yelled at , cussed at and defriended, by some long time Real world friends.... not one person had any sort of rebuttal that wasn't ad hominem .  here is a great example...

"So when I logged on to FB today I even thought,"I hope Robbie didn't write anything about Easter. No he's not that ignorant he wouldn't do that. " But sure enough you are the biggest douche bag I've ever met. You've crossed the line with me and probably a lot of other people that don't want to say anything to you. It was nice knowing you but I think we're done here."  

Ive known this individual for 11 years or so, played with her children, been welcomed into her home un questioningly.  Hypocrisy of religious folks never ceases to amaze me. 



I don't really deal with this because none of my family members or friends are Christian / theist.  The only one is perhaps my father, but even he only believes in belief.

I leave all my copies of American Atheist, FFRF & Americans United at my VA hospital waiting rooms.  I still write letters to the editor when the spirit moves me.  Doesn't move me as much at 85 as it did waay back when.


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