What is your thoughts about this planet run by religio-political elites, how theistic religion has structured law and order and the ideas of morality and decency. How people have been told how to live regardless if they have a different perception of  life the universe and everything. What evidence can be found to prove that this planet is run by nutcases who believe in esoteric pseudoscience and perform bizarre rituals in secret rooms in odd buildings, and call the higgs field/universial field  "God" in a square and compass symbol.

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You're right, I might be in the same boat if that happened to me. I'm sorry to hear you've been through so much. One thing about psychiatry is, it usually seems 'dumb' when it's not working the best.  Anti-depressants might not be the entire solution for what you face. Sometimes it takes going back to square one on a diagnosis or switching practitioners before things start to come together. Psychiatry can be more about trial and error to find the right combination and dose than any other medical field.

You put a lot of effort into researching your ideas about the religio-political elites which shows tremendous focus and dedication.  If you could take that energy and those skills and direct just a portion of it toward finding the best health care for your situation, I think you could get back on track with your art. It's something to think about.

Thanks, I wish it would stop. yes, the treatment is not working well, especially that I have had a traumatized childhood... all because my parents wanted to make right with God... *sigh* not easily if you have physical scars as well as mental scars from this, and you wish to get on with life , and people you meet and are part of the political religio elites dont want you to have a life , and in fact would want you to die so they can auction your art and paintings, to hell with your life or wellbeing. They all think about is money....

Well i would not be researching my ideas about them if they did not continue tormenting me like my parents did and distract me from my art , I wish they would leave me the fuck alone.


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