What is your thoughts about this planet run by religio-political elites, how theistic religion has structured law and order and the ideas of morality and decency. How people have been told how to live regardless if they have a different perception of  life the universe and everything. What evidence can be found to prove that this planet is run by nutcases who believe in esoteric pseudoscience and perform bizarre rituals in secret rooms in odd buildings, and call the higgs field/universial field  "God" in a square and compass symbol.

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I don't know why and neither do you! Perhaps Facebook has rules against slandering people. I imagine they do. Also, I was unaware Zuckerberg is religious. What flavor is he and what evidence do you have for that claim?

Slandering ? I do not understand this concept, I had merely exposed him. There is evidence on the web that he attends these crazy rituals and suspected meetings. Sometimes the methods I get the information is controversial and normally collect it before it does the rounds over the internet by people who are completely not in touch with me.

The reason for my concerns of exposure, is because of my concerns of the people and this planet.

Oh, you don't think that accusing him of belonging to some kind of vast conspiracy is slander? You failed to reveal his religious affiliation.

I dont understand this concept of slander, when you can google all the answers and associations.

The accusation of belonging to a conspiracy IS slander. Listing associations is not. A bunch of rich people getting together just once a year is a pretty lame excuse for a conspiracy.

i dont understand the concept of slander, when it is obviously thrown in my face, and shoved down my throat.

That's right. You don't understand the concept of slander.

The thing is, i did not bother them until they started bothering me trying to impose their ideaology and censorship on me...in regards to my artwork, and trying to make a life for myself, on this shit planet, that started to make me look into it.... they obviously stepped on the wrong tail which could lead to an intergalactic shitstorm on this small planet.

The thing is, i did not bother them until they started bothering me trying to impose their ideaology and censorship on me.

You appear to be a classic "they're out to get me" paranoid.

I guese so, if they left me and my art alone... i would be comfortable, they kind of adopted the abuse and bullying from my religious Christian parents, since i left them... its like i was hoping to get on my feet, get exposure of my work and so on... nope from one religion imposed onto me to another.... this time its these people...

dani Il zana, I'm concerned. You come off as paranoid and out of touch with reality.  Have you ever spoken to a doctor about these troubles with censorship and persecution? 

I suppose so, i guess you would end up in the same boat when you trying to get somewhere in life with your art, and get bashed about emotionally by people who enforce a religio-political ideology on you that you do not agree with, destroying your work, and grinding you down into the dirt. I have , they cant do much but dose me with anti-depressents and so on... its dumb


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