What is your thoughts about this planet run by religio-political elites, how theistic religion has structured law and order and the ideas of morality and decency. How people have been told how to live regardless if they have a different perception of  life the universe and everything. What evidence can be found to prove that this planet is run by nutcases who believe in esoteric pseudoscience and perform bizarre rituals in secret rooms in odd buildings, and call the higgs field/universial field  "God" in a square and compass symbol.

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"I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns, whatever it is we have to manage with a skill to leave the resources needed for future generations."

Looks like they are using this as an excuse to not consider the future of their children.

Danielle, Watt was saying the exact opposite of that. While there are plenty of Christians today who use the 'return of Jesus' as an excuse not to plan for future generations, Watt was not one of them. Your reading for comprehension skills failed you.

Exactly. She can't read plain English.

O.k, sorry I misunderstood you, since i had been referring to the data, through the links, and it did come out to me that Watt was one of them, and so I misunderstood what you meant.



I don't think the elites share the same religiosity as the commoners. If anything, they worship at the alters of dynasty and capitalism. I think that world religions are tools the elite choose to manipulate to influence the plebs. Just imho.

+1 (they just put on a religious show for the commoners)

Then why is the British monarchy claim to be ruling under god http://www.sovereignty.org.uk/features/articles/moncst.html ? So god does not exist, which means their positions of authority are in fact invalid.

Actually, the rich people (if those are the "elites" you are writing about) are more likely to be Episcopalian or Unitarian, which are more tolerant sects, than the less wealthy, who tend to belong to far less tolerant sects like the Baptists and other fundamentalists.

If they are said to be more tolerant then why do they refer to the rest of the people on this planet as commoners or masses other than fellow human beings ?

Do you have any actual quotes where the members of the Bohemian Club, the Episcopalians, or Unitarians say anything like "the rest of the people on this planet are not human beings"?

I grew up in the Episcopal church and have known more than one Unitarian. Unfortunately, I don't belong to the Bohemian Club but as the link I gave you indicates, they seem to spend more time getting drunk and naked than plotting against the rest of us.

Then why do they get a hissyfit when you expose them ?


second to that, they are also a pedo-ring


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