Durable products that should last you a lifetime

Hi friends! Been a while! I am traveling a lot for my job.

Anyways, I am on a new kick for products that will last a lifetime rather than a few years. That means everything from bikes to cars to all the way to shoes/clothes and everything in between.

I am curious what your favorite products are that in your opinion will last a lifetime. 

For example, this is my carry on luggage: http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1510 

I look forward to seeing what you post!

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You mean I'm not supposed to reuse it?

Just keep rinsing it out with oil based lube. That way it will never break. I can picture the mini-RobertPiano's now...bedecked with miniature white hats and edgy haircuts, slightly washed out.

I imagine the landfills are loaded with used condoms and atheists ex-bibles, sometimes even "stuck together" is some sort of unholy matrimony.

My favorite products are cast iron skillets. You likely won't find anything of value from our era in antique shops fifty years from now, but you will still be able to find cast iron skillets from the 1930s and before. Just keep them seasoned and you'll never find a better piece of cookware or home defense.

I prefer this, doesn't last a life time though. 

Swiss Army knife

Those are always a must

older Pressure cookers like Mirro will last forever.....

I know there are some on the extreme left who say they should be banned after the Boston Marathon incident but I think it is a ludicrous notion. Canning saves me a lot of money every year in reduced grocery bills!!!!!

I know there are some on the extreme left who say they should be banned after the Boston Marathon incident but I think it is a ludicrous notion.

Seriously? I thought that was parody.  Well it certainly should be, so I will parody the other side (mine, actually).  They can have my pressure cooker after they finish taking my gun from my cold dead fingers.

Ever stop to think about the weapons you can make from the crap in your own home? You could give an entire train cancer by rebuilding your microwave and putting it in a bag. Several types of explosives, some lethal, others just loud and startling, from simple household chemicals. Table legs make great clubs, a 12 volt car battery and a broken floor lamp make a decent lethal cattle prod. I'm sure a bagless vacuum cleaner and a hornet's nest could be reworked to shoot bees at people.

ADD and an active imagination will get me onto an NSA watch list yet. XD

One could suggest a much bigger list, with just a little more chemistry or physics understanding. Happily I must remind that 'knowledge' does not imply 'motivation', but can inappropriatly 'inform' it. What keeps our culture from real nuttyness is a deep civility that is hidden and assumed.  

Back in 1981, I bought a Spartus digital alarm clock which I gave to  my father as a father's day gift. For many years, the clock sat on the shelf nest to my father's favorite chair, displaying the time in 2 inch tall red digits. My mother gave me the clock after my father died. I still have the clock and it still works.

A few other durable items I have:

   Kirby vacuum cleaner

  Itronix  model XC-6250 laptop computer

  Hewlett Packard 48G series calculator

Pelican makes good stuff, but I like carryons that can be compressed a bit if necessary in order to jam them in. I wouldn't want a Pelican case down by my feet for a long flight.


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