Durable products that should last you a lifetime

Hi friends! Been a while! I am traveling a lot for my job.

Anyways, I am on a new kick for products that will last a lifetime rather than a few years. That means everything from bikes to cars to all the way to shoes/clothes and everything in between.

I am curious what your favorite products are that in your opinion will last a lifetime. 

For example, this is my carry on luggage: http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1510 

I look forward to seeing what you post!

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Buy yourself a coffin.

It depends upon what you mean by lasting a lifetime. For example, a top-grade mechanical watch may need some refurbishing or repairs from time to time but should otherwise run indefinitely. Can't say the same for electronic sh*t.

Items, in general, IMO, used to be made-to-last last, but unfortunately, capitalism and mass production has put us in situation where "things" cannot be made-to-last because people must be constantly getting new things. I cannot think of anything anymore that I can buy that will not need to be replaced at some time. Quality is not so important to the marketing world it appears to me. Even the recycled bags you buy at the grocery store to put groceries in instead of paper or plastic have been made more and more shoddily in the past two years. They're thinner and less durable. Clothing, no matter how much you pay, although more expensive clothing seems to have a longer life, or used to, is just not made as well anymore. I have Gap t-shirts that I bought in high school that I can still wear because the quality in the early 1990's was better. Now, the same t-shirts at the Gap, just as an example, are thinner and tear more easily in the wash and all around. I wish materials for goods were still worthy of lifetime guarantee. We just don't seem to have that luxury anymore.

Among the things that simply do not last the way they used to are shoes. Shoes have a limited lifetime built in because the sole and uppers tend to be one piece nowadays. When I was a kid, we took shoes with worn soles to a shoemaker to be repaired. Today, shoemakers and shoe repair shops are few and far between and probably only work on very old or very high-end shoes.

A well-built house will last forever, but it will require maintenance. It should not just wear out and become useless like other products.

My grandfather bought a Ferguson TE20 in 1952. Still in use. 

A cast-iron sausage maker is pretty darned near indestructible. For example.

That's it!  My Aunt must have had one of those!  She made cast iron sausages all the time - you could crack a tooth on one of her better ones :)

Cracking one's teeth on sausage? She needed to put more fat into them or pull them out of the fire sooner. One or the other.

Laughs her cooking created stuff that will last way beyond mans civilisation.  I recall my brother asking if she had a hatchet, when he was about to try to carve one of her 'creations'

So far for me, 'learn how to make and fix things'. Even if you only trouble-shoot, it will still offer you insights into design and theory. 


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