Hey! So... the stupid Arc Park is opening not far from where I live. In "honor" of this event, I propose a challenge!

Post the dumbest creationist question/ comment that you have heard... who here has heard something that can break the stupidity record? LOL!

I'll start, I guess:

"If we came from monkeys, then why aren't there people who are half monkey, half human?"

(Summarizing a surprisingly complicated, ridiculously long spew of nonsense that once invaded a forum)

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Can I ask, Michael, do you believe in the talking snake from Genesis or is it a literary device?
The serpent in Genesis was not a snake
But the bottom line is that Satan spoke through this reptilian creature. I believe spiritual possession of almost anything is possible. Ed and Loraine Warren were hired by the Catholic Church to investigate possessions documented in Thier book The Demonologist. Not all of there claims met scientific scrutiny as in the movie Conjuring 2.

Ok, so not actually a snake/serpent with a voice box that can communicate in the same language as Adam and Eve. That's good.

My take on it is as follows: No-one knows what happened back then for obvious reasons. Therefore there are two possibilities:

1) Something like you described happened. Demonic possession I suppose. I cannot prove that didn't happen. However, nothing like it has ever been proven to happen in all the time we have had the technology to objectively record it. How do I know? Because if someone had proof that survived objective scrutiny it would be the biggest news story probably ever. It would be everywhere.

2) Someone wrote a story in which they included the idea of a snake/serpent as representing mankind's weakness/temptation. 

How is it possible for a scientist such as yourself to consider option 1 the most plausible? I don't get it.

Sometimes I take my snake out in public when I am trying to explain Evolution to creationists !!


"Sometimes I take my snake out in public..."

Every time I do that I get arrested.  You must tell me sometime how you get away with it*. :)

*Cool Tat.

Usually the police say to the crowd  - "Move along, nothing to see here" :-)

As an engineer well aware of the Anthropic principle conundrum to the universe and the abiogenesis enigma find the mechanism proposed for evolution, mutation cause by cosmic rays and transcription a stretch when we engineers marvel at the engineering achievemenents in nature for instantance the earliest feather ever found > 40 million years ago is a perfect having all of the aerodynamic structural requirements for flight and this is just tipping the iceberg. A Co-founder of string theory equally came to similar conclusions when marveling at recently discovered subatomic physics.
We can't scratch the surface on how we have consciousness and enmity as oppose to being carbon based computers reacting to stimuli. Dr. Penrose whom I believe had the seat of Sir Isaac Newtown proposes quantum theory based on complex molecular way the axons carry the action potential to the synapses and the complex aperiodic tile structures associated with the neural network. Even if so, quantum mechanics beyond our understanding yet mastered and optimized by blind happenstance of mutation and not design?

"marvel at the engineering achievemenents in nature...." such as all the mutations that prove to be fatal or debilitating.. ?


"The serpent in Genesis was not a snake..."

Are you claiming Divine Revelation?

Do you have another explanation of how the BiBBle is wrong and you are correct?

What other TRUTHS have been revealed to you?

Can you turn water into wine?


is it possible you like all believers are interpreting the BiBBle to make it fit your own World View?

I think the latter.

The claim that the serpent was Satan in disguise is a common one... however the Bible says nothing about the snake being Satan. A strait-forward reading indicates that the snake has legs, can speak, is highly intelligent, and has unexplained motives. Also, the text seems to indicate that the snake is in fact an animal. "Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made." - Genesis 3:1

"And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this; thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life." - Genesis 3:14

The book is mute about when exactly the snake lost the ability to speak and lost human level intelligence.


"Genesis starts with the last cataclysm that destroyed the..."

Sorry Mike the BiBBle Genesis begins "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

You are interpreting again or is this Divine Revelation?


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