Hey! So... the stupid Arc Park is opening not far from where I live. In "honor" of this event, I propose a challenge!

Post the dumbest creationist question/ comment that you have heard... who here has heard something that can break the stupidity record? LOL!

I'll start, I guess:

"If we came from monkeys, then why aren't there people who are half monkey, half human?"

(Summarizing a surprisingly complicated, ridiculously long spew of nonsense that once invaded a forum)

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As soon as I finish my entries for beaches with the most sand grains, I'll get right on it.


So just examples?

Whatever you want to post, I guess... this is just for fun anyway. lol

There are too many specific examples, but the themes involved are almost always based upon them not actually knowing what evolution means...and attacking some aspect of their misunderstanding, which makes no sense to them, because they don't know that they are clueless.

These can then break into assorted sub-sets, along the lines of not understanding how time comes into the equation, or what a mutation is, or how it is relevant, etc...

These then combine to create arguments that sound a lot like:

I read water is wet, but you can make a dry martini, which is a drink, so that's a lie!

You say the sky is blue, but I was in an airplane, and looking right through that sky, nothing looked blue at all, so that's a lie!

If americans came from english people, there would not still be english people!

Water knows exactly how to fill a hole to make a puddle because god designed water to do that.

And so forth.

It also leads to the plethora of dogs not giving birth to ducks arguments, the plethora of tornadoes in junkyards not constructing 747's, and so forth.

After that broad category of idiocy, there are further sub-sets which involve more subtle lacks of general knowledge, which to me at least, are more forgivable.  A lot of these have to do with physics, cosmology, biology, geology, etc....areas where lay people tend to be ignorant.

These can lead to considering that fossils are found in hardened mud, and the "flood" would have left mud, so, all the critters died in the flood....instead of knowing that the sediment has many many many layers, and each layer represents a period in geological history, identified by what is found in it on a radiological, biological and mineral basis, etc...

...so the "mud" is not all the same....and so forth.

Not getting that a scientific theory is not the same thing as a hypothesis...or that science is a field with a process, and not another religion.

In movies/books, typically, "A scientist" knows everything about everything...the professor on Gilligans Island, etc.

In real life, they are very specialized...and MIGHT know things outside of their expertise, but, not as much as an actual expert, etc.

So, "Some Scientists Say" is equated with "Here is an equally weighted rebuttal"...when, typically, its perhaps a few meteorologists pretending to be climatologists, etc...or even grade school science teachers quoted on evolution, etc.

Add to the mix the arguments that are simply logically flawed.  Sometimes, they take the "Oh yeah, well, then so are you!" argument style....often trying to use phrase associated with logic used to describe why their argument was flawed, albeit incorrectly.


Mr Duck Dynasty says there's no evolution, ducks can't make dogs, and he's very respected.  Atheists are commie nazi homo's who deserve no respect, so their opinion is worthless, and, therefore, there's no evolution.

That's an Ad Hominem attack, a logical fallacy.  

Evolution doesn't say ducks make dogs...that's a Strawman argument.  And, for the record, Mr Duck is a moron.

You made an Ad Homiem Strawman attack on Mr Duck, so your argument is invalid too!

And so forth...

First a big "Hello" to you!

Do you really think it is a good thing to splice the DNA of frogs and donkeys together? Personally Reg I think it is immoral !!

And all this time I thought it was frogs and monkeys.

Piss poor field biologist, I am.

I refer the honorable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier!!


I want to take this time to apologize for my act of theft.  If you will check your herd you will find two missing (I call them Bob and Becky now).

I am sorry I took them but they're so damn cute.  I suppose I should disclose the fact that Becky is now with child (I'm not sure if the father is Bob or Me (the nights in the Mid-West get cold).

About a month ago I began sneaking into the local christian hospital and stealing new-borns and feeding them to the Fronkeys, because that's what us heathens do.

They seem to like it more then the grass here in the Mid-West),  I think the grass is better in their homeland.

Anyway I just wanted to update you in case  you were concerned about them.

Your fellow farmer,


Not a problem. I think you are outstanding in your own field too as catching one of those slippery creatures is tricky enough but getting two of them is a miracle.  I tend to wean them on the Kantian argument that existence is not a predicate and that they must blaspheme all religions equally even when they are only thinking to themselves like I do. By the way the pair you took were called Sarah and Palin so if you breed them you will get Sarin. Just be careful.

Thanks,  I have to admit I cheated when I caught them, I used an elephant tranquilizer gun,  Becky seems to be OK now, but Bob is still trying to hump the front of my truck, he sorta walks in a big circle can't get himself to walk in a straight line.  Maybe I shouldn't have shot him 4 times to her 1.  Oh well live and learn.

If there was a doG Bill Hicks would still be alive, that Dude's humor is eternal, I miss Bill.

It could be that some monkeys do indeed turn in humans. Well….maybe just into grumpy old men :-)


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