My best friend told me that she is watching a documentary by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I have never heard of him. I read a bit about him, and found that he claims that 2 10-foot angels appeared to him during meditation (one purple and one green) and have helped him through his "spiritual" journey. This alone, leads me to believe that he is a kook. My friend refers to herself as "spiritual not religious", but does believe in god, jesus, heaven, and hell. How should I respond to her telling me about this? Or should I not say anything? Does anyone know anything else about this guy?

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I don't know enough to offer advice.  Does she take this guy seriously?  I had never heard of him before, but my first response is the same as yours.  He is a kook, or worse.  A lot of these guys who claim to have been visited by angels are just manipulative psychopaths like Mohamed or Joseph Smith.  Perhaps you could ask her if she thinks he is such a person just to get an idea of where her "spiritual but not religious" (but clearly religious to everyone else) mind is taking her.

I never heard of this guy before either. His name already draws red flags and as I thought he made it up. His real name reportedly is Bernard Perona. Probably not spiritual sounding enough.

First thing I saw when opening the mags that promote the bloke is the usual exploitation of ignorance about quantum mechanics, mystification of the holographic principle and that kind of stuff. The usual recipe for this kind of mental abuse.

Thirteen a dozen Aquariusjoker is my working hypothesis.

I don't think however your friend is going to listen to reason when she is already attuned to these kinds of fraudsters. Just educate her about the facts if possible. She will inevitably get the basic facts wrong when parroting the crap they pour in her ears.

I clicked on the link.  It looks like someone tried to start a cult, tried to take it on the internet about 14 years ago, and has since given up that avenue of propagation.  I actually met such a charlatan once.  They are very dangerous people. 


Laura, you should dig up a few case studies about the dangers of these little cults and send them to your friend, especially if you can find any that are similar to this one.

Wow, very interesting that he is using a different name! Thanks for that info. I mean, who would take spiritual advice from a Bernard? Not me. =P
Wow! Very interesting that he uses a different name! Thanks for the info. I mean, who would take spiritual advice from someone named Bernard? lol. Not me. =P
Personally I think I'd prefer taking advice from someone named Bernard over a confused person claiming to be some or other Melchizedek any day. But a Bernard who thinks himself a grand wizard if he changes his name to Melchizewhatever I am not about to pay any serious attention to.
hmmm, sounds like someone took LSD or was shroomin

haha. i think so.


Hi, I am a new Atheist as of about a year ago and also a personal friend of Drunvulo. In fact I was just chatting with him for about an hour this morning asking him to provide some sources to his science claims. I am really glad to have found some activity here on the subject. I think there needs to be a full frontal examination of his work and possibly a critical analasys youtube video produced on the Flower of Life and Drunvulo's claims. The geometry on the Flower of Life symbol is pretty solid so it really demands a closer look.


Update....Drunvulo was telling me earlier about the tongue being connected to the heart anatomacally and I just did a bit of research on the subject and there is no such thing. What's amazing is he has a huge worldwide following and these people are throwing their brains out the window.

Not only their brains. He's not living on air.

wow, i havent heard that name in years.

Since this forum is for the PsuedoScience and paranormal Ill be nice in my approach.

To begin with Get the book "Nothing in this book is True, But its exactly how things are." by Bob Frissell

Its a great read, if you like open ideas and conspiracies. Telling by the title you can see its not ment to be taken as full facts. This is also were I found out who Bill Cooper was. Its speaks of Bob Lazara, Drumvalo teaches classes on the flower of life and breathing/rebirthing.

Drumvalo speaks alot about the Kali Yuga, pole shifts, earthly problems, dimensions, the merkaba, interseting things about the fibinacci sequence, cydonia,

The flower of life, the right eye of horus, SACRED GEOMETRY, Prana, he even covers the Philidelphia Project. And so so much more.

Like I said its entertaining at most and sparked alot of creativity in me so I really enjoyed the book, there are a couple of sequals to.



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