Drugs are the the key into heaven. (and other retarded claims)


I had my brother suggest this video to me today. I guess he thinks it supports an actual concept worthy of discussion. The misinterpretation of a hallucinogenic experience as anything but a distortion in ones perception (caused by a chemical change in the chemically run set of assessments our brain is built on) would be as ridiculous as it gets. Although these people go on claiming that the chemical change is "a door for the spirit out of the body" as if that would be a respectable scientific proposition. As if the metaphysical claim had any grounds at all.

I just want to hear views on how these ridiculous metaphysical claims try to blend themselves in with real sciences (as if they had actual scientific evidence in their favour) while ignoring all of the actual science against them.

More so i want to know if you have any other good (or better) examples of people doing this.
I know they are out there; lots of them, everywhere. Outside of creationists even.
Bloody superstitious (or vaguely theistic) statements attempting to have scientific merit.
Seems kind of hypocritical, attempting to look like you have the credits of something you say isn't right in the first place.

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Oh man..
When I take 'shrooms, I'm a Zen master. I swear. The entire universe makes perfect sense! I can see life force ebbing out of every plant, every animal, every person.
When I take a breath, it creates galaxies. Every cell that makes up my body has a nucleus/sun that supports planets/quarks/protons/electrons that has life on them, and that life is made up of cells that in turn have suns....and it's the most pure form of an expanding eternity as the human mind can grasp. The second law of thermodynamics tells me without doubt that when I die, these universes within my cells will flare out as my body decays, and my essence will go into creating alternate dimensions that ripple ever outwards. There is no death. All pain is temporary. The deepest love I feel for one person transcends into harmony for all humanity.

......then I blink a few times, stop staring at my screen-saver and find a piece of wall paper to be enraptured by for another few hours until the drugs wear off.

Hey! It's fun while it lasts!


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