Hi people! I wanted to get an opinion on what y'all think is right in this situation. My brother's high school is a random drug testing program in which they pull the student out of a class during the year (at random) and test for drugs - but parent's permission is required for enrollment in the program with the school packet turned in  at the beginning of the year. Would you all enroll your children in this?

At one end - the drug test is done at random and it has its benefits. On the other hand, I would think that the child might feel the parents don't trust him/her and it might entice the child to do drugs that he/she might not or cause other psychological rifts. On one hand - the child would either know he/she is enrolled in the program or the parent can keep it a secret from the child by going to the school after the packet is turned in and enrolling them in the program this way so the child wouldn't know until he/she is pulled from the classroom and *if since it is based on "random" - but I don't know what is the right decision in this situation and wanted some of your advice...thanks in advance. :)

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drug tests are all pretty much a big joke. the majority of the drugs they test for only stay in the human system for a couple of days. Really your just testing your child for marijuana use, as this "drug" stays in your system for a good 30 days. Heroin leaves your system in 24 hours. Coke stays in for 2-3 days. Methamphetamine stays in for 3-5 days. MDMA(ecstacy) stays in for only 24 hours. Given this information, i think that signing a child up for random drug testing encourages hard drug use, especially if they know the whereabouts of the testing. "hey, you can take this and get really fucked up and get this, it wont show up on your parent's drug test!"


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