I want to talk about dreams. Not the kind that you have while you sleep. Did you had dreams while being a child? What did you wanted to do in life? Have you succeeded at all or are you doing now something completely different? Would you change anything if you'd have another chance?

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Yep, I've noticed the 'offended' thing myself... I feel I have to mention at this point that whilst I don't judge my own looks, I can't be fat by any means. I have the inverse of what you have, the 'skinny geek' effect.


Being nice to people is all very well but finding an adult way to deal with conflicting opinions is good because then you can progress as a whole. Bottling it up tends to lead to outbursts...


As to opera itself, there are quite a few people who like it. Admittedly of my generation (I'm 20) it seems to be more the gothy types, but a large dominant figure can be a very strong stage-presence. Then again... what do I know about opera? XD


Finally... Nothing wrong with being a nerd or a geek or anything so long as you're comfortable with it. I know I'm a geek myself and occasionally find myself expressing numbers in binary. In everyday conversation...

Ah. Yes. The tall and lanky geek. I think geekery selects for the strange body types because we tend to be the ones who are outcasts whenever partners are selected.

So I see a lot of short, tall, fat, extremely thin, geeks. The only thing it doesn't select for is race/subculture. So it's mostly white people. It does have an inordinate amount of homosexual or bisexual females, though. At least here.

  I am comfortable among the nerds. I'm socially inept as are most of them, they tend to be accepting of odd people and have better inside jokes.

 If only I could make a living setting up nerd socials.

yeah, that's why I've been looking at computer science. I tinker with technology on my own--I've built two desktops, total, and set up a media center for my sister(using Boxee). I've repaired two ipods and replaced a harddrive that stopped turning on the family desktop. I've set up the family desktop to handle 3 different ipods, all with different music. I replaced a broken screen on my previous phone myself, I've jailbroken my iphone for the express purpose of tinkering with it and using experimental stuff. I am constantly finding new software for my use--I have one program set up so I can play music on my desktop and control it using a special link, which works on my phone or my laptop. I've played around with Boxee on my own computer and I totally recommend it if you want an easy to set up media center software set. Also: Logitech touch app on iphone. So fun to move the cursor from across the room. It even has a keyboard for text fields.

Most of the knowledge, I have, though, is available via an afternoon on google. I've built a few basic websites and I set up a pair of forums once for a friend, custom graphics and all. I have finagled with photoshop so I can do at least basic stuff on it.

I'm not a jack of all trades, I'm more like...fruit salad. Of Computers. A little bit of everything, most of it useful information and stuff I've researched when I wanted to know about it.

I was a big SF fan so I had unrealistic (?) dreams about building a city on the surface of Mars, I was obsessed with Mars, astronomy and so forth.

If you're thinking of realistic dreams I wanted to be a pilot so I can see the world as it really is until I started do loose good eyesight, than I returned to SF and started to dream of building an AI to prove that conciousness can be artificial, that there is no "soul" and that having conciousness doesn't make you more special than a worm or a jellyfish.

Now, if evolution and reason permits, I would like to be an SF writer.

Genetics and environment programed me to be an electrical engineer. I dream too. But that is not why I am who i am.
What are/were your dreams then?
I had a lot of dreams too, not just one, but many of them I can't even remember anymore.

I do remember at one point wanting to join the army, because I thought fighting for your country was the bravest thing. I still think it is, when you're defending all the things and people you have left in this world (not going and killing and raping civilians) but I don't want to join the army anymore, because now I support a more intellectual and peaceful solution for any problem we have.
I just got woken by my flatmates from a dream. I awoke to silence. They were shouting in the dream... O.o
We're talking about a different kind of dreams here. :)
What are you studying and why?


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