I want to talk about dreams. Not the kind that you have while you sleep. Did you had dreams while being a child? What did you wanted to do in life? Have you succeeded at all or are you doing now something completely different? Would you change anything if you'd have another chance?

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I've always wanted to be a professional actor, but I never really fought for my dream, and, except for a few school plays (and one in kindergarten), I haven't done much acting. Now I just hope, not even dream, to make the best I can out of what I have left.
I always wanted to be a writer.  Since I was little I loved to read.  I'm still writing, but now it's more for the pleasure than the idea of making a living out if it.  My goal now is opening a small bookstore/café. In a couple of years I hope to reach that goal, but I am realistic. Anything can happen. :)
I always wanted to be a cosmologist (I learned, upon seeing my high school records, that I wanted to be a cosmetologist) but unfortunately my dyslexia especially in mathematics, doomed this desire.  I still follow science, especially physics, but I ended up being a "shrinker of heads", I wish I had pursued some hard science rather than the religion of psychology.
I wanted to be a radiologist or a teacher the entire time I was growing up.  It wasn't until I found out how long you have to go to school for radiology that I gave that up.  Then I had kids and realized I don't want to be surrounded by them 24/7.  Now I am going to school for speech therapy... so I can help little kids... and be surrounded by them 24/7 lol.
I don't know if you realize but you can do a two yr course in radiology. I live in Louisiana and there is a school called Career Technical College. I'm sure there are others and the pay is the same for a two or four yr degree. After my two yr degree I plan of going back for two more in the nuclear med. field. Hope this helps.
I think she is refering to a Radiolgist not a Radiology Tech. Big difference. Radiologists are MD's.
Yes, Radiologist is what I was referring to.
Im 16 and have no dreams. I am scared terrified for my future because I have no desires. No real wants to pursue anything. I have just a year and a little less than a half to make up my mind because I have to choose A path.
Well, what do you like to do?

Without reason, I like to make films. I dont see this as a reliable career though and dont wish to be stuck in that field. What are the chances im going to be a steven spielburg? I tried taking an AP biology class but i dropped out within the first 2 weeks because i couldnt handle the work. I want to try it again for the learning experience but I don't want to go to college and fail my college science classes.


Im waiting to take Anatomy and sports med. my senior year to see if i would be right for a career in the medical field


All my fears are that i wont be good enough. Scapegoat i would just join the army.

Whatever you do, don't join the army.


Why wouldn't you want a career as a filmmaker? There aren't just Steven Spielbergs out there, there are a lot of others filmmakers. You could be a decent one too if you really stick to it, and most important if you like it. Doing what you like and making a living out of the same thing is probably what everyone should do. I myself am trying to find out what I want to do from now on, but my situation is a little more complicated. Set a goal and work hard for it, you won't regret it.

If you like film then you don't have to be Spielburg. You'll be making a living doing something you like. At best you'll be rich and happy, at worst you'll just pay the bills but still be happy with your job. Even so, you can still go to school later for something else while you work in films. I'm 38 and in school for radiology. Life is an adventure not a chore. Good luck.


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