I want to talk about dreams. Not the kind that you have while you sleep. Did you had dreams while being a child? What did you wanted to do in life? Have you succeeded at all or are you doing now something completely different? Would you change anything if you'd have another chance?

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Life is an adventure not a chore.


That's how I feel as well.

Thanks both of you. I guess ill have to see when time comes. Im sure god has a path  for me and has already plotted out all of my successes and failures. All i can do now is pray, right?

Perhaps Adrian Montoya's post can help you see what it's like to not pursue what you like from the beginning. At 16 you have all your life ahead of you, choose to live it for yourself, not for others. Now I'm just blabbering wannabe philosophical nonsense, but I'm doing it because I wish someone would have told me something like this sooner too.
Start with photography (I'm guessing that's your thing) and you will develop your style one day maybe you become the best war photographer of your time, you never know. Also you don't have to be a director, you can be a cinematographer or something, the world is your oyster.

When I was little, I had plenty of aspirations.

•Astronaut - What little boy doesn't think of that at some point.

•Fighter Pilot - My glasses prescription put the kibosh on that.

•Scientist/Engineer - Studied engineering for a while and was good at it. However, my interest waned over time. Science... still liked it but got into it too late to make a career of it. It is a hobby for me now though.

•Artist - As far back as I can remember, I always loved art. I always wanted to be able to make a life off of art, but everyone always said that there's no future in it. That's when I got into engineering. But after a while of dabbling in art, I found graphic design. Long story short, I am a graphic designer and love what I do! My wife says it's perfect for me to. She calls it the 'logical art' and says that it fits me perfectly. :)

•Astronaut - What little boy doesn't think of that at some point.


I still dream about going to other planets and exploring the universe, now even more because I know there isn't any god and no afterlife and this is all we've got, so exploring the universe is much more important (and cooler). :)

I must admit that I still hold a soft spot for space travel. If I were stinking rich, I'd be booking a seat on Virgin Galactic at the very least. :)
My plan is to become longliving (there is probably a better word) by science and then explore the universe to my hearts content :D
Dreams in progress, be right back.
Well, could you expand that a little?


     When I was 12, told my very religious mother that I wanted to be an astronaut. (Not exactly a traditional Christian female aspiration.)  She very swiftly told me that I was not smart enough to make that a reality and that no one could really understand god's universe.  Shortly after, like a good girl, I reevaluated and told my parents I wanted to become a minister.  Athough they were much happier, they expained I could not because our religion refused women in the clergy.  At this point, I gave up at turned my focus toward theatre.  They were content with this choice.  Ha!  Now that I look back, I can see that I was looking for answers. 

    Would I change things if I had another chance?  Yes.  I would have chosen to follow my original dream.  Although I certainly love to follow astronomy and planetary science, at 40 years old I am behind on the learning curve.  Additionally, I would have come to embrace atheism much earlier on in my life - something that would have undoubtedly changed my outlook on life. 

    Dreams are a lot like prayer.  They mean nothing unless you have the will to take action yourself to make them come true.



Growing up I think I had enough dreams for 100 lifetimes.
I wanted to be an inventor, a football player (American), an actor, a scientist, an artist, writer, a musician in a rock band, the list goes on. If only I had the drive. I was and still am easily distracted... no maybe a better way to put it is undisciplined.

I dropped out of school and went to a Technical school for accounting. The idea was I could make a good living in any town as a fall back then find the job that makes me happy after.

Years later with a certificate that couldn't get me more than an accounting clerk job and no idea what I wanted to go back to school for I was frustrated, angry and depressed. Then I met a woman who was working as an artist for an advertising agency. We drank, we talked and when she showed me her old art growing up it reminded me how creative I used to be.

I started writing, I even performed stand-up comedy and got pretty good. It's been years and I still haven't found a job... a career doing something I can say I love but I've found some inspiration again and it's good. If i had it to do over again I would have pursued inspiration earlier, but I'm glad that I have it and intend to use it even if it doesn't pay the bills.


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