Facebook Lady presented me with this link: 


and said that if I am intellectually honest with myself I would have to admit God exists.  I had to stop watching it the first time when he said DNA went back through the generations to Adam and Eve,   

I watched as much of it as I could stomach, which wasn't the whole thing.  This guy is smooth yet unconvincing to me.  If any of you can watch it, what do you think?  

What was interesting was the bit about how evolutionists/atheists and creationists/theists have the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted through the corresponding worldview.  I completely agree with that part.  In this manner, while using the Bible as the standard through which to interpret the evidence, he is attempting to use the Bible to prove that the evidence of deep geological time and evolution proves their worldview, which is that the Bible is correct, is correct!

That sends my frontal lobes into spasms.  Any other thoughts?

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Reg The Fronkey Farmer

"Anyway millions of fish can apparently swim together in the sea and yet they never seem to collide no matter how big their school happens to be.

We know the car was made by man and that man is forever striving to improve his design because it was not good enough the first time. Yet fish can happily swim in the oceans without crashing into each other."

Has anyone, like a disrespected grad student, ever gone out to count how many fish in a school collide? Could we get the guy to volunteer? I expect this could be a great government supported research project! I bet one could get funding, justified on the grounds that we could learn something to prevent traffic accidents, PUBLIC SAFETY! Of course, I understand that there are computer programs that simulate swarming behavior, would these be of any help? 

Obviously this person has not seen the dorkfish, who probably collides frequently, especially with the jockfish.

I can't find a copy of the video with an open comments section.  I guess few theists are prepared to engage all the fallacies that can be pointed out in his presentation.  I only listened for about 10 minutes because the page wouldn't let me start documenting all the fallacies.


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