Facebook Lady presented me with this link: 


and said that if I am intellectually honest with myself I would have to admit God exists.  I had to stop watching it the first time when he said DNA went back through the generations to Adam and Eve,   

I watched as much of it as I could stomach, which wasn't the whole thing.  This guy is smooth yet unconvincing to me.  If any of you can watch it, what do you think?  

What was interesting was the bit about how evolutionists/atheists and creationists/theists have the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted through the corresponding worldview.  I completely agree with that part.  In this manner, while using the Bible as the standard through which to interpret the evidence, he is attempting to use the Bible to prove that the evidence of deep geological time and evolution proves their worldview, which is that the Bible is correct, is correct!

That sends my frontal lobes into spasms.  Any other thoughts?

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That's pretty much what I thought!  Duh!

Scripture assumes a revolving (spherical) earth (Luke 17:34-36). Jesus said that at His return some would be asleep at night while others would be working at day time activities in the field. This is a clear indication of a revolving earth, with day and night occurring simultaneously. (#19 from the list)

Well Jesus lived after the ancient Greeks, who knew the earth was spherical.  So did the rather educated writers of the gospels (I actually doubt the historical Jesus knew it himself).  So this is not any kind of evidence whatsoever for the bible being prescient, the gospels being written after the earth was known to be spherical.

The Bible compares the number of stars with the number of grains of sand on the seashore (Genesis 22:17; Hebrews 11:12). Amazingly, gross estimates of the number of sand grains are comparable to the estimated number of stars in the universe.

The Stars of Heaven (Institute For Creation Research)

Well there is a distinct paucity of hard numbers in that ICR article (though just about every confused creationist mangling of science is in it), so I can hardly evaluate this claim.  I can take a stab at the number of stars (100 billion x 100 billion), but don't know about the number of sand grains on earth.

The overwhelming majority of the points I read here before the stupid got to hurting too much are non-sequiturs; I highlighted the ones that seemed to at least look like well constructed arguments--and they are bullshit.

Does this matter? It is very doubtful that the Biblical writers had any better number for the grains of sand than we do. It is an emthy statement. The best we could do would be approximations based upon assumptions, and the total number of beaches, depth of sand grains/volumn, etc. You are being baited by crap.

James, it's simply a poetic way of saying, "many" --

Duh! Sorry, nerdopathy....

I lied.  I can't resist one more.

The continents were created as one large land mass (Genesis 1:9-10). Many geologists agree there is strong evidence that the earth was originally one super continent – just as the Bible said way back in Genesis.

This again is not prescient.  When Genesis was written, only one continental land mass (eurasia plus africa) was known to the writers.  The Americas, Antarctica and Australia weren't, hence it's be a perfectly reasonable thing for someone to say if he were just making it up.

@Martin McKenna - I have to assume that you're serious, as I see no indications to the contrary in your comment. I can and have written pages upon pages as to why the Bible is BS.

It would take more space than convincing you is worth, just to demonstrate that a world-wide flood, covering the tops of all the mountains, plus 15 cubits (22.5 ft.), is impossible, but the fact that there is only half enough water in, on, under, or above the earth, to cover the top of Mt. Ararat - a molehill by comparison to Everest - and 90% of that is in the oceans, i.e., already at sea level and not available for flooding purposes, should give you a starting point.

Sadly, this might be the case. This does not necessarily make demands on the sciences to do the theist's work. It is also unclear if the the bible has anything useful to say for the sciences. If you can offer some deep insights into physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc, this would be very appreciated. But all I have seen is one liners that the theists pretend to be useful. Stop pretending to have knowledge, and please stop expecting us to bail you out.

Thnsk Martin McKenna - Answer in Genesis again. That is a first here. None of us Atheists ever heard of it before. The intellectual reasoning is just great. I will tear up all the science books and just read it and the bible - the greatest science book ever rewritten back when the world was flat.

Sadly, the suggested video was not available for my inspection..;p(.

Youtube has many of  'Dr. Jason Lisle' videos, which one would you suggest? I try to keep my bad TV exposure down to protect brain cells, and maintain some simularity to a nice day. Knowing which video would offer such a kindness.

I can't remember what one it was.  Here, try this one:


Just a dab'll do ya!


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