Facebook Lady presented me with this link: 


and said that if I am intellectually honest with myself I would have to admit God exists.  I had to stop watching it the first time when he said DNA went back through the generations to Adam and Eve,   

I watched as much of it as I could stomach, which wasn't the whole thing.  This guy is smooth yet unconvincing to me.  If any of you can watch it, what do you think?  

What was interesting was the bit about how evolutionists/atheists and creationists/theists have the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted through the corresponding worldview.  I completely agree with that part.  In this manner, while using the Bible as the standard through which to interpret the evidence, he is attempting to use the Bible to prove that the evidence of deep geological time and evolution proves their worldview, which is that the Bible is correct, is correct!

That sends my frontal lobes into spasms.  Any other thoughts?

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That's what they always do. Every time new evidence comes along that owns their ass they twist and lie and say "oooh that only proves our point!"

Muslims are especially notorious for this, you know how they claim the Quran is a scientific miracle and all that jibberjabber?

Don't even entertain these idiots' ideas and you'll be fine.

I told her that Drl Lisle proved MY point perfectly... that we have different worldviews.  I told her that I am very happy with mine and that the good Dr. Lisle's comments hadn't changed it one iota in the direction she had hoped.  And then I ended that discussion.  I am sure there will be more. 

Unless I can build up more resistance and find a better balance between educating them about atheism and just letting them go on their deluded ways.

This guy is smooth yet unconvincing to me.

The person of faith is about style over substance. They have nothing so they need to make up for it in other areas: charm, charisma, big goofy smile, use hands a lot, sound authoritative. It's pure sophistry. But underneath all of this there is nothing, no foundation or justification for their wacky beliefs whatsoever.

Ask him why there is no mention of DNA or geographical distribution in the bible? No fossil record, no spherical Earth. No germ theory of disease, no life saving medicine. But a lot of talk about killing people and one curious bit about raping virgins. which seemingly will get you a wife. The people who wrote the bible thought the Earth was flat, I mean come on! A school-kid today knows more than any of the old men who wrote that garbage. Why was god withholding the scientific facts of his creation to the shepherds who wrote it?

What was interesting was the bit about how evolutionists/atheists and creationists/theists have the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted through the corresponding worldview.  I completely agree with that part.

Why do agree? I'm just curious. The evidence is not the same. Evolution has overwhelming evidence whereas creationism has none. Creationism is not in the same universe, let alone the same ballpark as evolutionary theory. Evolution is a fact and a theory. It is a fact that all living things share the same genetic code, it is a fact that the fossil record shows a clear record of gradual evolution from the simple to the complex. Genetic mutation due to adaptation is a fact.  The theory explains these as well as the other millions of facts of evolution. The evidence for it comes in every day. Evolution is as solidly established as any scientific fact. Creationism has no facts. Creationism has nothing but faith.

@ kOrsan

Muslims are especially notorious for this

Let's make a faith cake, shall we? This one will be in the flavour of Islam. First we need a thick dough of bare nonsense, it should be stubborn, arrogant and certain of its arrogance. On top of this and in ascending order we add a large sprinkling of unsupported baffle-gab, a generous portion of obscurant lies, a twisted pretzel of morality, a lashing of rampant misogyny and homophobia - (needs to be beaten regularly). Now for the final few layers we need large dollops of closed-mindedness, a disrespect for evidence, and to top it all of a nice cherry of taqiyya. Enjoy.

@ Logicallunatic -- What I was agreeing with was that fossils, Carbon 14, hydrogen, vestigial hip bones on whales, etc. exist.  I do not agree with him on his interpretation of this evidence. When he said these facts need to be viewed from a Biblical perspective, it made me downright angry.

I know what he's saying is not correct, but how many people who don't have the capacity, willingness, or opportunity to learn about evolution and the scientific method will be taken in by this fraud?  

I didn't even dignify his nonsense with counterpoints in my discussion with Facebook Lady.  

Fair enough : ) Happy zombie jesus day!

Not having subjected myself to the brain damage yet:

Did he make the common mistake of assuming carbon 14 could be used to date evolutionary timescales?

(I even heard the narator of the history channel's Universe program make that mistake.)

That's a particularly egregious error because carbon 14 dating has fundamental differences from other forms of radiometric dating, that make it more complicated--and of course give the creationists a "wedge" to try to discredit it.  In other words, a lot of their bad arguments against C-14 dating simply don't apply to the other forms, when they ignore those other forms of dating, their case looks twice as strong.

It's up to the listener to realize the argument's strength is zero, and twice nothing is still nothing.

Just working from old memories here Steve, but isn't C-14 dating only accurate to 25K years?

C-14 is good up to about 60,000 years.

I knew it was limited to a certain period of time, I just wasn't sure what it was. Thanks!

Exactly my point, Archae--yet people persist in talking about "carbon dating" to determine the age of fossils, precambrian rock, etc.

I would say there are two kinds of people who do that,

  • those who lack knowledge, who know that there is SOME form of dating, have heard of carbon dating, and know of no other
  • those who know better, but want to deliberately obfuscate, to get some religious or other phony point across.

I had to stop at "Atheists have no reason to live", because my head was aching and I was at the end of my tolerance for this boob...

He claims that DNA goes all the way back to Adam and Eve, and God before them...so...what, did God stamp his trademark on DNA? And how the fuck did we get such a vast diversion of facial features, skin colors, and genetic diseases if we're all perpetrating the same same combination of  of chromosomes?

The man is just...ugh...he makes me ill. What makes it worse is the horde of people in front of him just eating this up...


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