Facebook Lady presented me with this link: 


and said that if I am intellectually honest with myself I would have to admit God exists.  I had to stop watching it the first time when he said DNA went back through the generations to Adam and Eve,   

I watched as much of it as I could stomach, which wasn't the whole thing.  This guy is smooth yet unconvincing to me.  If any of you can watch it, what do you think?  

What was interesting was the bit about how evolutionists/atheists and creationists/theists have the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted through the corresponding worldview.  I completely agree with that part.  In this manner, while using the Bible as the standard through which to interpret the evidence, he is attempting to use the Bible to prove that the evidence of deep geological time and evolution proves their worldview, which is that the Bible is correct, is correct!

That sends my frontal lobes into spasms.  Any other thoughts?

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Wow... between being short and an atheist, I should just give it up now, huh?  

You are not short.  Just concentrated.

And he's presenting this like it's some scientific talk - at a Christian college or whatever.  Lets see him give that talk at Dartmouth, or MIT.   I don't think so.

A nice face, a good suit, a projecting emphatic voice, everything you need for a good teacher.

My puppy needs a bath, maybe I'll look into this latter...

I can’t wait for intelligent life to be discovered on another planet….. Can’t wait to see the massive back pedaling done by the religions of the world. What should be an overwhelming show stopper for religion – What should end this deluded escapade - will only result in further blatant erosions of our logical faculties as they try to integrate Christianity with extraterrestrial intelligent life. I can hear it now – “Jesus died for their sins too” or “We need to spread the good news to these godless aliens”. It must be exhausting for creationist to keep up and construed all the new scientific discoveries.

@Jason - I can't wait for intelligent life to be found on THIS planet!

Ok.. here's a place you can start on your debunking of Dr. Lisle.   http://riotingmind.blogspot.com/2009/11/ultimate-proof-of-creation-...


This is hilarious, because he fully admits that he will not accept any evidence that does not support his bible.  Why care or look for evidence at all then?  You already know the truth.  Yes science makes assumptions too (and he completely misrepresents these assumptions), but knowing the truth before observing and studying evidence is not one of them.  He talks about logical fallacies, and yet fails to see his own straw mans and appeals to authority.  Final note - If you need a bunch of disclaimers and caveats before even presenting your "irrefutable point," I question how irrefutable it really is.

See: 51-55 and 85 Young Earth Arguments

"Comments may be held for uploader approval." No shit, he only allows comments that offer accolades, or are arguments that he thinks he can defeat.

no interest..the same tired arguments put in different packages.. I believe we have more realistic and pressing problems to solve as human beings.  

go to the website http://www.eternal-productions.org/101science.html and read. look up, research, challenge this. The bible has an never will be proved wrong scientifically science has always caught up with the bible the bible will never catch up with science god has never lied i challenge you to research and scientifically prove me wrong and given time to think ill always be able, scientifically, to tell you why the bible is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god!

You lost me at number 10-23 inclusive, so far.  Does the fact that I can hear the church bell across the street as I read this mean anything to any of you?  


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