Fast food workers in NYC and elsewhere are striking to earn double the minimum wage, about $15/hr. 

It would force prices up, but not as much as you might think: a Big Mac, it's estimated, would have to go up 68 cents. 

Critics argue that while the wage might go up for those who keep their jobs, there would be fewer jobs as the employers streamline operations, automate tasks, and look for other efficiencies in an attempt to minimize price hikes.

Your thougjts?

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What a lot of young people may not know is that, in the past, most minimum wage workers were teens just entering the job market. Today, a lot of single moms are attempting to feed their kids on minimum wage, and if they can get a job at all, they have to consider getting a second job to bring in enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. What happens to being a parent under those circumstances?

Yeah, but as someone who has sought work-from-home opportunities from time to time, I can tell you those options are very limited, and in doing so on has to negotiate a virtual minefield of scams.

A woman who can sew, do laundry/ironing, daycare, etc., may always be able to find some work, but hardly enough on which to support a family.

The scams leave very few really good opportunities, and it's hard, especially for someone desperate, not to be scammed. Luckily for me, I was never desperate.

What opportunities have you, personally, taken advantage of that you can attest to?

I could have listed a lot of options, but will most women be able to make much of a living throwing Tupperware parties and writing grants. 

Yes, many women make a go of it, but for every one who does, how many can't get anything going? Also, some of the options you listed require an initial investment.

Not all the prostitutes are doing it because of a pimp or to support a drug habit. Some of them have kids to support. I suppose nudie bar dancing is a more acceptable and safer middle ground.

I worked with girls who did stripping in my years as a porn phiotographer. Strippers can make good money if they put on a good show and have an appealing gimmick. Also, if they research the clubs a little bit. Some clubs are better than others. Much better. One successful stripper stripped out of men's pyjamas. I knew a girl who stripped while pregnant and made more money than the other girls. 

And let's not forget: stripping, like modeling, means meeting some basic physical standards that not all girls can meet. And it's not a job for females much over 25. It's a young woman's game.

There are only so many good jobs waiting on tables and in the better-paying top restaurants, they actually prefer well-experienced staff. They'll take a well-trained late middle-aged woman over a cute college girl with moderate or no experience, except maybe in the bar area.

Why does the mention of the word prostitution inevitably go back to abuse and pimps? I'm talking about girls who choose it as a way to make a lot of money with a relatively small time commitment, not someone kidnapped into sexual servitude. I'm talking about the entrepreneurs. The independent escorts.

My whole point with you is that you make it sound like everyone has but to try to make money working out of their home, which is ridiculous. It's hard and relatively few are successful at it because, beyond being hard, it requires a lot of luck as well.

BUT, if the pay doubled, wouldn't it be of more interest to single moms? And isn't there an argument in there to do something to reduce the number of single moms?

" uhhh...We'll have two burgers, a fry and a two large Cokes and a shake. Make one of the burgers with cheese, oh and add another fry and make one coke a diet. Change one burger to a MacShark sandwich, and make both shakes chocolate, and we'll take one more regular medium Coke. Now how much is it?, we only have $6.14"

It would sure as hell help those working for it.

The ones who still have the jobs. Yes, of course.

In a fluid market, higher wages will always bring higher costs, as rich people try to keep their profit margin on an upward incline. The only way for a wage hike to help the economy, is if there is also a simultaneous price cap on the essentials of life. Food, utilities, and basic shelter.

If we ensure that nobody will ever fall into a crack and loose absolutely everything, then they will be more willing to work hard and spend big. A good, strong safety net is what encourages bravery in all things. Knowing that failure won't be the last thing you ever do, that you'll land safely and be able to try again, this is what Americans need to rebuild the economy.

Rising wages will contribute to wage inflation, right? Wage inflation will have two effects. The price of products and services in affected industries will go up, adding to inflation of goods and services in the marketplace for all consumers. Then, you have the pressure on businesses to streamline, economize, and increase efficiency and automation, which will raise unemployment.

New technology will always put somebody out of business. Assembly line robots put a lot of people out of work, and Honda's Asimo could do the same. The simple button killed the lively hood of an entire generation of elevator operators. However, money becomes less important when fewer and fewer laborious positions are needed. This is where basic human morality and generosity comes into play. what if every single menial and mundane job was taken by a machine? There would be so many people out of work it wouldn't even be funny. But, you don't pay a machine by the hour. So if blue collar jobs are now machine jobs, taxes on companies can go up, feeding into welfare for the people who are now out of work. This money could be opened up for educational purposes, allowing millions of people to go to school, get higher degrees, and better jobs.

This isn't building the Jenga tower like they've been doing for the past 40 years, laying off workers, increasing workloads, and keeping wages stagnant. Robotic and automatic work will force a rise in the educational requirements of humans. But it will be a stable rise. The trick is doing it nicely. No body will cooperate with it if you just toss them out of their job and tell them to go back to school.


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