At the moment its 5 to midnight, does anyone have any presumptions and estimates, wild guesses or even precognitions and thoughts what they would set it to in November this year ?

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I suppose i'll be working that day and waiting for twelve of clock to kick in so i can finally go home and sleep.

I would set it to 4 minutes to midnight.  I think we are getting closer to an environmental collapse, which will be followed by a collapse of civilization--or at least the pretense of civilized behavior.

The best we can hope for is that there will be only one nuclear war as a result and that the resulting nuclear winter helps slow down global warming.

If, however, one or more of the combatants uses biological weapons, or if some species of microbe finally becomes immune to our antibiotics, then we can expect a dramatic loss of population large enough to restore some balance to our world.

The factors that would shift the clock further towards midnight :-

Fukushima : Uncontained Nuclear disaster (Chernobyl was contained), and the damage could total more than  the combination of Chernobyl and all the test bombs that went off on this planet. Fukushima is over 168 Hiroshimas ...

Censorship : a contribution factor that is covering up the above as well as censorship in general would make more people ignorant on top of the lack of education. This feeds religion, which would result in civilization going backward... and with people getting less smarter with the above disaster happening and religion on a rampage in the scarcity of resources... you bound to have your thermo nuclear zombie apocalypse which is a bit of an exaggeration, but am I exaggerating ? dont know and when you think about it to much it can drive you insane... because you cant do anything., since everything on what you can and cant do is constrained by the money/currency system....


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