I was stumbling along today through some websites when I came across an article about a new proposed bill in Tennessee: "A bill popularly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill advanced yesterday out of the Tennessee Senate Education Committee. The bill would prohibit teachers from discussing of any sexuality except heterosexuality in grades K-8,” even with students who may be gay or have gay family,” according to Ben Byers of the Tennessee Equality Council (TEP). The committee amended the bill to require the Board of Education to study whether homosexuality is actually being taught in schools, but it will still institute a ban in February of next year."


    Before high school there wasn't much discussion on sex or relationships anyway beyond one Sex Ed mini-class in the 6th grade. On the other hand, it seems like it would be a huge slap in the face for any families who did have LGBT members or friends, not to mention is some of the kids do end up having leanings that way...


   A lot of this stuff really bothers me. If people want to have rights to their own opinions and lifestyles, shouldn't that option apply to everyone? Marriage is a legal contract between two people. If it also has special meaning to your faith group or values, that's your own choice. 


Maybe I'm just a nutty left wing hippie..?


The full article here: http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2011/04/21/177366/tennessee-dont-say-...


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You are a nutty, left wing hippie.  Don't worry, most people who don't coo over Sarah Palin are considered such.  You are in good company.

It needs to be talked about more in schools, but that'll happen when they allow gay marriage.

It definitely needs to be added to sex ed classes. Kids need to be educated!

George Takei says it best:



This is also great. Takei rocks:



Say 'Takei'

to paraphrase Margaret Cho (well Margaret Cho's mother lol):


I know you're Takei...but why do you have to be SO Takei!?

Southern states have so many discriminatory laws against atheists, gays, lesbians & immigrants

What can I say? My adopted state's legislature (and governor's mansion) are full of neanderthal idiots, otherwise known as Religious Right Republicans.

Yeah, I said 'adopted'. I moved here from Alabama, so this is a step up. Gimme a break :)

Is homosexuality actually being taught in schools now?  Or is this just a preemptive measure?

Maybe I haven't considered this fully, but can someone explain why it would be beneficial for kids to learn about homosexuality in school?  I acknowledge that counselors should be able to discuss it with kids as needed, but is a curriculum required?

This is a preemptive measure, to the best of my knowledge. The idea here is to prevent the teaching of tolerance, a trait that is sorely lacking here in TN. The legislature also wanted to ban observance of Sharia law, which would have been fine with me so long as they banned Christianity, Judaism, et al. along with it.

The fear among TN legislators is that there might be some recognition that GLBTQ people should have civil rights and respect; it was never about "teaching homosexuality" (I never needed lessons, anyway). The legislation would have prohibited discussion of homosexuality as an identity, not as an act.

A curriculum would involve basically the same issues as the coverage of African-American and women's civil rights that are commonly taught in many schools around the country, and probably would be similar to that recently instituted in California schools. In other words, it is a progressive cause, and accordingly repellent to the neanderthals in TN state government.


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