a friend at facebook gave me the link here. I don't know how I've not found this place before.

I have been an atheist pretty much my entire life...and I'm old.
I started becoming an activist about ten years ago and since then have joined a number of freethinker organizations, started my own atheist blog and just had my first book published : The Atheist Camel Chronicles - Debate Themes and Arguments for the Non-believer" http://theatheistcamelchronicles.blogspot.com/ .

RichardDawkins.net promoted my book on July 5, and I haven't been the same since. Amazon had me as 6th most popular atheist book for three days afterward!! Still in the top 40.

I live in New Hampshire, 2nd least religious state in the union. I'm recommending we change the state motto from "Live Free or Die", to "No God and Loving It".

Looking forward to meeting you and chatting with you all.

Yours in Reason,

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Thanks, Michel,

I've been using that internet name so long it's sort of become inseparable with the real me.
At my book signing yesterday a woman said she was a little dissappointed because she actually exprected a camel. fortunately, she was joking, after all ... she was an atheist.

Great to have you here, looking forward to see you around.

Heya DH, welcome to the site! I'll have to add your book to my ever-growing to read list.
Neo, DaveG,
thanks for the welcome.
Welcome here! It's nice to see another New Englander. I'm in Maine. I don't see many out atheists in my little corner of the state. I even have to hide, because of my job. Some of my co-workers know, but they're pretty cool about it. The big boss, on the other hand, may not look too kindly. But Think Atheist is the place to be! Glad to have you!
Thanks, PeggyB,
Hi Neighbor!

I'm surprised. Maine is a relatively godless state. I think the third or fourth least religious state in the Union. I have an internet friend in Maine who calls himself "CrazyDad", who was a Lutheran until just two years ago...and came to his senses. I don't know if he's out publicly, but since he is a "house husband" I guess it doesn't make much difference to his career ;)



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